Blues Show 552

Mojo Morganfield – It’s Good To Be King – single

Dan Burnett – Happiest Man Alive – Live (and then some)

Alabama Slim – Down In The Bottom – The Parlor

Chris Bevington Organisation – Bad Bad Bad – Sand & Stone

Odetta – Careless Love/St. Louis Blues – Blues Everywhere

Emma Wilson – I NEEDED SOMEBODY – loveheart

The Druids Of Stonehenge – Born to Die – Resurrection

Levi Parham – Badass Bob – It’s All Good

Katie Bradley & Pete Farrugia – I Already Know – Soho Heart

Charlie Bedford – Steady Driver Man – Good To Go

Spencer Mackenzie – Move On Down The Track – Cold November

Lightnin’ Hopkins –  Mojo Hand

James Brown – Messing With the Blues

Magic Sam – Love Me With A Feeling

Alabama Slim – Midnight Rider – the Parlor

The Bluesbones – The End – Live On Stage

Steven Troch – All By Myself – Leftovers

Johnny Winter – Life Is Hard – Let Me In

Abby Posner – ‘Dear 2020’ – single

Cassandra Wilson – I Can’t Stand The Rain – Blue Light Till Dawn

Rainer Ptacek – Losing Ground – Worried Spirits

Kat&Co – Your Own Sweet Way – I Kat The Blues

Little Feat – The Blues Keep Coming – Rooster Rag

The Druids Of Stonehenge – Hellhound

Jeffrey foucault -Rico – Salt as Wolves

Wink Burcham – Son Of A Travellin’ man

Leo Kottke – The Fisherman (Live)

Jarkka Rissanen – Tomcat

Alabama Slim – Rob Me Without A Gun – The Parlor

Dan Burnett – Good for the wallet, bad for the soul – Live (and then some)



Bad Bob Bates – How Y’ Feelin’ – DeadBeat

Th’ legendary Shack-Shakers – Swampblood – True blood

Slim harpo – Strange Love

Alabama Slim – Rock With Me Momma

Johnny Winter – Sugaree

Dave Speight Lonesome Whistle

John Wilkins – I Love That Woman

Teresa Watson Band – Breakin Down Slow

Hans theesink & terry evans (feat. Ry Cooder) – It Hurts Me Too – Delta Time

Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos – Boomer’s Story – live

Lee Holmes – Waitin For Amos – venice At night

amos Garrett Sleepwalk – I Made My Home In my Shoes

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