Blues Show 503

Albert Collins – When the Welfare Turns Its Back on You – Ice Pickin’
Bror Gunnar Jannson – My Gal Drinks So much Whiskey – Bror Gunnar Jannson
Philipp Fankhauser – Circumstances – I’ll Be Around
Matthew Robb – Red Light Blues – Dead Men have No Dreams
Gozer Goodspeed – Gambler’s last Day – Running With the Outliers
Black Cat Road – Crow Stew – Black Cat Road
How Askew – 9 Miles To Rosedale – Brass Neck
King Size Slim – May We Find – Chukka Chukka
Duster Bennett – Jumping At Shadows – Smiling Like I’m Happy
Jack Mack & the Heart Attack – Woman Thing – Live from Centennial Park Atlanta 1996
Buddy Guy – My Time After A While – The Real Deal
Andres Roots – In The Dark – Waiting Around
Eddie Martin – Like Water – Thirst
Corey Harris & Ali Farka Toure – Special Rider Blues – Rough Guide To African Blues
Little Axe – Same People – Stone Cold Ohio
Little Feat – Spanish moon – Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
Ry Cooder – Hold that Snake – Streets Of Fire
Johnny Winter – Iodine in My Coffee – Guitar Slinger
Delaney & Bonnie – Coming Home – Eric Clapton – Life In 12 Bars
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant – Since I’ve Been Lovin You – No Quarter
Davy Knowles – Oxford MS – Three Miles To Avalon
Popa Chubby – I’d Rather Be Blind – It;s A Mighty Hard Road
Rae Gordon Band – Sea of Blue – Wrong Kind Of Love#
Hughes Taylor Band – Five Long Years – Good Blues, Fast
Jimmy Johnson – Somebody loan me a Dime – Every Day Of Your Life
Duster Bennett – I’m Gonna Wind Up Ending Up or I’m Gonna End Up Winding Up With You – The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions
Daby Balde – Waino Blues – Rough Guide To African Blues
Guitar Gabriel – Expressin The Blues – We Are Musicmaker
Terry Evans & Hans Theesink – Mother Earth – True & Blue
Jonah Tolchin – Working Man Blues #22 – Thousand Mile Night
Rob Heron & The Teapad Orchestra – Black Dog – Eta Carinae
Dave Arcari – Jingle Bells – single
Joe Brown – Ballad Of John Hurt – 60th Anniversary Box Set
Mississippi John Hurt – Coffee Blues – Blues At Newport
Paul Gillings – Take This Heart Away – You Don’t Even Know
The Blasters – Blue Shadows – Streets Of Fire
Dave Alvin – Highway 61 Revisited – Highway 61 Revisited Revisited
Jimmy Agren – Little Devil – Various Phobias

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