Blues Show 488

Album Of The Week 1

Album Of The Week 2

Album Of The Week 3

Dudley Taft – Simple Life – Simple Life
Altered Five Blues Band – Don’t Rock My Blues – Ten Thousand Watts
Bobby Rush – You Got The Goods On You – Sitting on Top of the Blues
Charlie Wooton Project with Sonny Landreth – Front Porch – Blue Basso
Catfish Keith – Don’t You Call Me Crazy – Catfish Crawl
Mojo Makers – An Apology Song – Songs of The Sirens
B.B. King – You’re Still My Woman – Indianola Mississippi Seeds
Gracie Curran & Friends – Chasing Sunsets – Come Undone
Jo Harman – Sideways – Found A Place
Bushmaster featuring Gary Brown – 40 Acres And A Mule –
Little Bob Blues Bastards – She’s Got It – New Day Coming
Tony Campanella – Texas Chainsaw – Taking It To The Street
Mojo Makers – Away – Songs of The Sirens
The BB King Blues Band – Low Down – The Soul Of The King
Son Of Dirt – The Encroaching Storm – The Doomsday Dirge
Catfish Keith – Memphis Morning Train – Catfish Crawl
Woody Guthrie – Talking Dust Bowl Blues – Pastures Of Plenty
William Lee Ellis – Dust Will Write My Name – God’s Tattoos
Chris Whitley – Dust Radio – Living With the Law
Mark T – Dust Pneumonia Blues – From Blues To Rembetika
Spencer Bohren – A Thousand Dusty Miles – Makin It Home To You
Joe Bonamassa – Dust Bowl – Live At Carnegie Hall
Neil Warden – Dust Bowl – Canalslide Blues
Michael Lee – Can’t Kick You – Michael Lee
Charlie Wooton Project with Sonny Landreth – Tell Me A Story – Blue Basso
J.B. Hutto & The New Hawks – Love Retirement – Keeper of The Flame
Mojo Makers – The Pearl Made Of Amatyst – Songs of The Sirens
G. Love – Fixin’ To Die – Fixin’ To Die
Redfish – There’s Nothing Else – Souls
Jeremiah Johnson – Straitjacket – Straitjacket
Tweed – Woman Don’t Lie – Love Strong
Catfish Keith – Catfish Crawl – Catfish Crawl
Paul Gillings – Phishing Blues – You Don’t Even Know
Charlie Wooton Project with Anders Osborne – One Night- Blue Basso
Mojo Makers – Songs of The Sirens
– Songs of The Sirens
Andy Sharrocks & The Smokin’ Jackets – Ain’t Gettin My Share – download
Catfish Keith – What’s The Matter Now – Catfish Crawl
Andres Roots – Birdsong Thing – Waiting Around

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