Blues Show 317


Johnny Winter – Rock n Roll Hoochie Coo – Johnny Winter And…
Taste – What’s Going On – On The Boards
Bob Malone – Certain Distance – Mojo Deluxe
Andy Cohen – John Ate The Locust And The Honey – Road Be Kind
Canned Heat – Mercury Blues – Reheated
Corte – That’s What Love Will Do For You – Seasoned Soul
Derek Trucks Band – Preachin’ Blues – Out of The Madness
Louisiana Red – Alabama Train – Back To The Black Bayou
Professor Bottleneck & The Juke Kings – Good ol’ Lentil Soup – Steel & Velvet
Half Deaf Clatch – Revelation Road – The Life & Death of A.J. Rail
B.B. King – Many Miles Travelled – King of The Blues
Lucy Zirins – Changing Ground – What’s In Front Of Me
Bobby Thompson – Setting Sun – Live at IOTA
Kelly Joe Phelps – Sally Ruby – Sky Like A Broken Clock
D’Mar and Gill – Dancin’ Girl – Take It Like That
Hazmat Modine – Arcadia (Coffee, Salt & Laces) – Extra-Deluxe-Supreme
Bessie’s Blues – Big Road Blues – Blues Show Session
The Della Grants – Lay My Head – Time For Change
Eddie Cotton – Fair Weather Lover – One At A Time
Kai Strauss – A Fool Way Too Long – I Go By Feel
NO Blues – Gods Move – Oh Yeah Habibi
Wily Bo Walker – Walking With the Devil – Moon Over Indigo
Western Sizzlers – I’ll Die A Happy Man If It Kills Me – For Ol’ Times Sake
Ron Sayer Jr. – I Ain’t Leaving (Live) – Live At The Little Theatre
Little Mike & The Tornadoes – Since My Mother’s Been Ill – All The Right Moves
Robert Cray – You Move Me – In My Soul
The Nimmo Brothers – Still here Strummin – Brother To Brother
Willy Porter – Freedom – Human Kindness
The Sharpees – Crazy Woman Blues – Mississippi Thrill
Danny Bryant – Temperature Rising – Temperature Rising
Ryan McGarvey – Memphis – The Road Chosen
Rebeccca Downes – Messed Up – Back To The Start
Lara & The Bluez Dawgz – Don’t Mess With My Baby – Howlin’
Reverend Shawn Amos – Brother’s Keeper – Loves You
Colin Winston-Fletcher – Bat Slide – Border Cafe

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