Blues Show 314

Mitch Laddie Band - Let You Go Album Cover HiRes

Louis Jordan – Happy Birthday Boogie
Willy Porter – This Train – Human Kindness
Monte Montgomery – The River
Mitch Laddie Band – Take It Off – Let You Go
Mitch Laddie Band – Speak Up – Let You Go
Mitch Laddie Band – In The Past – Let You Go
Mitch Laddie Band – Let You Go – Let You Go
Gary Clark Jr. – Stay – The Story of Sonny Boy Slim
Reverend Shawn Amos – The Outlaw – Loves You
Algia Mae Hinton – When You Kill The Chicken Save Me The Head – Honey Babe
Amanda Pearcy – Ode To Billie Joe
L.R. Phoenix – Streets Of Lohan
Neil Warden – Enchanted – Adventures in Weissenborn Land
Bert Jansch – Come Back Baby
13 feat. Lester Butler – So Low Down
Chris James & Martin Fletcher – Life’s Too Short – Excursions
Bad Bob Bates – Get Your Shirt A Little Wet – BX3EP
Half Deaf Clatch – Revelation Road – Life & Death of AJ Rail
Ash Grunwald – Outta Time
John Campbell – When the Levee Breaks –
Neil Warden feat. Dave Heath – The Alchemist – Adventures in Weissenborn Land
Husky Tones – Time For A Change – Time For A Change
Danni Nicholls _ Where The Blue Train Goes – Mockingbird Lane
Chantel McGregor – Southern Belle – Lose Control
Red Butler – Jaywalker – Freedom Bound – An Offering
Lauren Housley – Ghost Town Blues – Sweet Surrender
Clifford Gibson with R.T. Hanen – She Got Jordan River in Her Hips – Complete Recorded Works
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro – Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Live At Southern Ground
Steve James – Whole Lotta Women – Cold & Bitter Tears
Ted Hawkins – Happy Hour – Live
Neal Warden feat. Gary Martin – Bad Dog – Adventures in Weissenbornland
Willy Porter – Elouise – Human Kindness
The Earl Trio feat. Michael Messer – Croatia Blue – single
Neil Warden – Mojave – Adventures In Weissenborn Music

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