Blues Show 294 playlist


Album Of The Week



Track Album
  Galloway & Keliher In The Ground  Wild Dogs
St. Louis Slim Honey Hush  EBC Compilation
Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review Blues See What You Done See What You Done
Paul Jones Lonely Nights Suddenly I Like It
Mete Ege’s London Blues Ghosts Of London  London Blues
The Boom Band Diamonds In The Rust Deluxe Album
Ten Years After Good Morning Little Schoolgirl The Name Remains The Same
 The Motives feat Matt Taylor Leap of Faith  The Motives feat Matt Taylor
Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review Dark Narcotic See What You Done
Martin Fletcher & friends Own House Own Car download
Deborah Bonham interview
Deborah Bonham Take Me Down Spirit
Deborah Bonham I Need Love Spirit
Frank Latorre & The King Bees Louisiana Rain  King Bee Boogie
Jack Bottleneck Chocolate jesus Home recording
John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers Stormy Monday Live in 1967
Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review Hard Man See What You Done
Steve Dixon & Ronnie Semple Driftin’ Home recording
Paddy Milner Louisiana Blues  The Curious Case of…
Acme Blues Band Rack Em Up Studio Session
George Shovlin & The Radars Sporting Life Blues  e.p.
The Della Grants Lay My Head  Time For Change
Chantel McGregor I’m No good For You  Like No Other
Sean Webster & The Dead Lines Hear Me Now  See It Through
Jack Blackman Stranger River Town
Poplar Jake & the Electric Delta Review Freya Marie See What You Done
Mark Butcher is it You? Songs from the Sun House
Jon Amor Blues Band Make It Your Trouble Villa Del Vibro
Bessie’s Blues It Hurts Me Too demo

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