Blues Show 293 playlist

Album Of The Week

Track Album
 Muddy Waters  I’m A Man  Single
Frank Fois  Further On Up The Road  download
Ged Wilson  Ain’t That A Shame  Single
 Thomas Ford  I Believe  Shoulder To Cry On
 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers  All Your Love  LIVE IN 1967
 Kris Dollimore  All Grown Up  All Grown Up
 Miraculous Mule  Motherless Child  Blues Uzi
 Rhiannon Giddens  Waterboy  Tomorrow Is My Turn
 Leyla McCalla  Love Again Blues  Vari-Colored Songs
 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers  Have You Ever Loved A Woman   LIVE IN 1967
 Peter Green  Me & The Devil Blues  Robert Johnson Songbook
 Jorma Kaukonen  Nobody Knows You  Ain’t In No Hurry
 The Big Sets  She Caught The Katy  studio session
 Doug MacLeod  Heaven’s The Only Place  Exactly Like This
 Shoutin Red  Frankie & Albert  Introducing:
 Red & Clatch  Come And Go With Me  single
 Half Deaf Clatch  Well Well  Live In Shetland
 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers  So Many Roads  LIVE IN 1967
 Blues Engine  Danse Macabre  single
  The Big Sets  Mary Ann  studio session
 Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review  Swamp Thing  See What You Done
 Dan Platansky  Your War  Dear Silence Thieves
 Anne McCue w. Dave Alvin  Devil in The Middle  Blue Sky Thinkin’
 Layla Zoe  Gemini Heart  Live at Spirit of 66
 Aynsley Lister  Home  Home
 Joanne Shaw Taylor  Mud, Honey  The Dirty Truth
 Robin Trower  Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds  Something’s About To Change
 Trevor Sewell  Talked To The Devil  Independence
 Bad Bob Bates  Can’t Be That Hard  Bridge Street
 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers  I Can’t Quit You Baby  LIVE IN 1967
 The Big Sets  Original tune  studio session
 Mete Ege’s London Blues  Ghosts of London  single

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