Blues Show 291 playlist


Dan Burnett Live In The Studio

Album Of The Week

The Teddy Bears – Devil’s Music

Kathryn Williams – In A Broken Dream

The Ghost Town Blues Band – Hard Road To Hoe

Giles Hedley – Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound

Buddy Guy – Best Damn Fool

Otis Taylor – Hey Joe

Dan Burnett Live In The Studio:

– Hungover Again

– Home To Stay

– Of Sight Out Of Mind

– More Than You Deserve

The Backwater Roll Blues Band – So Mean To Me

Kelly Joe Phelps – Lead Me On

Ben Smith Band – Trick Bag

Paul Lamb & Chad Strentz – The Underdog

Dan Burnett Live In The Studio:

– Before You Go

– Happiest Man Alive

– Come And Get It

– You’re Gonna Shine

Songhoy Blues – Nick

John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom

Otis Taylor – Red Meat

Vera Ward Hall – Wild Ox Moan

Captain Luke & Cool John Ferguson – Old Black Buck

Bird Dog Bobby Band – Begging For A Broken Heart

Bob McCarthy – When The Lord Gets Ready

Tristan Mackay – Two Of A Kind

Poplar Jake & The Electric Delta Review – Swamp Thing

Big Boy Bloater – Bring Her Back To Me

Guy Tortora – Viola Lee Blues

Laurence Jones – Temptation

Otis Taylor – Peggy Lee

Greg Nagy – Long Way To memphis

Ryan McGarvey – Memphis

Split Whiskers – Bee Sting

Otis Taylor – Heart Is A Muscle Used To Play The Blues

Paul Rodgers – Muddy Water Blues

Billy Gibson & Pete Pedersen – Shortnin’





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