Blues Show 288 playlist



Mike Henderson Band – I Want To Know
Sean Costello – Hard Luck Woman
Thomas Ford – Don’t Pay Them No Mind
Doug MacLeod – Find Your Right Mind

Ernie Payne – Curse of Hamm

Grey Cooper Blues Experience – Big Road

Mogwai – What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?

Duke Garwood – Heavy Love

Cary Morin – Yellow Dog Blues

Pura Fe – in A Sentimental Mood

Doug MacLeod – Too Many Misses For Me

Mike Henderson Band – If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day

Jeff Chaz – Instrument Of Pleasure

Dave Arcari – Soul of A Man

Rhiannon Giddens – Shake Shugaree

Matt Woosey – 99 and 1 Half Days

Palm Wine Boys – Hold On

Ollis Martin – Police & High Sherriff Come Ridin’ Down

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – My Crown

Thomas Ford – I Believe

Jaybird Coleman – Coffee Grinder Blues

Jeff Jensen – Bad Bad Whiskey

Grey Cooper Blues Experience – 7th Son Revisited

Big Red Radio – How Can This Be?

The Kung Fu Blues – You Don’ love Me

Mill Billy Blues – Don’t Let Your Mouth Write A Check That Your Butt Can’t Cash

Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett – Old Folks Boogie

Doug MacLeod – New Morning Road

Tangled Eye – Call Before You Come

Tomco – Like A Rolling Stone

Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – Numb

Julian Burdock & Danny Del Toro – Last Fair Deal

Echo & Cane – Full Moon Blues

Whistler & His Jug band – Pig Meat Blues

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