Blues Show 282 playlist


The Alligators live In The Studio



Holmes Brothers – Going Down Slow

Canned Heat – On the Road

Tommy Johnson – Canned Heat

Bruce Katz Band – Santa Fe Blues

Mill Billy Blues – Don’t Let Your Mind Write A Cheque That Your Butt Can’t Cash

The Alligators Live In The Studio:
– I Can’t Hold Out

– Baby Please Come Home

– Stop Breaking Down

Ernie Payne – Mother’s Uncle

Matthew Perryman Jones – Motherless Child

Ara Lee – Born

Hans Theesink – Hellbound

Gerry Cooper & Phil Snell – You Can’t Get That Stuff No More

Jack Bottleneck – Chocolate Jesus

The Alligators Live In The Studio:

– Prodigal Son

– It Hurts Me Too

– Halfway To Memphis

Cary Morin – When The Levee Breaks

Broken Levee – Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home

Elmore James – The Sky is Crying

Jo Ann Kelly – Levee Camp Holler

John Campbell – When The Levee Breaks

Catfish – Black Cat Bone

Ernie Payne – Family Relations

Peetie Wheatstraw – Kind Hearted Blues

Ian Siegal – I Am The Train

Kingfish – Mystery Train/New Minglewood Blues

Mariella Tirotto & Blues Federation – All I Can Take

Rebecca Downes – Basement Of My Heart

Tullie Brae – Cadillac Blues

Jackie Benson – Rocket 88

Tim Aves & Wolfpack – Never Saw Chester

Howlin’ Wolf – Killing Floor

Joel Fisk & The Breakdown – Oh Death

Ernie Payne – Coercion Street

Tas Cru – You Keep The Money

Arsen Shomakhov – Swingy





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