Blues Show 275 playlist


Julian Socha


Tim Green of The Tim Green Band – in the zone!




Jerry Garcia Band – Let It Rock

Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts – Got My Mobile Working

Jimmy Barnes – Stone Cold

Joe Bonamassa – I Give Everything For You (‘Cept the Blues)

Tim Green Band – Live In Session

– Cold In Hand

– Something About A Woman

– Sunday Man

Mojo Makers – Come on Brother

Julian Socha – Live In Session

– I’m A Long Way From Home

– Doggin’ Blues

– Kind Hearted Woman/Purple Haze

Billy C. Farlow – Black Lazarus

Vargas Blues Band – The Palace of The King

Lyndon Anderson Band – Take My Order

Tim Green Band – Live In Session

– Ramblin’ On My Mind

– Purple Haze

– Cortez The Killer

Collard Greens & Gravy – Dyin Bed

Alan Shaw – Moanin’ The Blues

Julian Socha – Live In Session

– Indescribeable Blues

– Graveyard Blues

– Away We Go

Bessie Smith – Muddy Water

Mark Lanegan Band – Bleeding Muddy Water

Tim Green Band, Julian Socha & Gary Grainger Live In Session

– Sweet Home Chicago

Lexi Parr – Dirty Touches

Rob Heron & The Teapad Orchestra – Steamboat Blues

The Wiyos – Stomp

Paul Geremia – Slidell Blues

Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts – If You Haven’t Any Hay

Half Deaf Clatch – Application For A Licence To Play The Blues

Mojo Makers – One True Love

24 Pesos – Night Train

The Jack Roberts Harvey Band – Snakebit

Lyndon Anderson & Davey Dormand – Bishop Boogie

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