Blues Show 244 playlist

R.I.P. Duffy Power

R.I.P. Duffy Power


Duffy Power – Parchman Farm

Albert Castiglia – Keep You Around Too Long

Laurence Jones – Tomorrow Is Another Day

Joe Louis Walker – Stick A Fork In Me

Mick Khalasa – The Letter

The Jayhawkers Live In The Studio:

– So Excited

– Bad Trip Tent

– Bad Penny

Cal Williams Jr. – Lay On The Cold Ground from Album Of The Week Little Black Crow

David Migden & The Twisted Roots – Desert Inside

Brian Houston – Gospel Train

The Jayhawkers Live In The Studio:

– Need To Try

– Lonesome Road Blues

Kevin Jordan & Reece Hillis – Southbound Man

Allen-Lamun Band – Delta Dream

Cal Williams Jr. – Hard Times A Comin’

The Riotous Brothers – I Wanna Know

Mick Simpson – Travellin’ Man

Grainne Duffy – What Am I Supposed To Do?

Dan Treanor’s Afrissippi Band – Wang Dang Doodle

Muddy Waters & Rory Gallagher – I’m Ready

Half Deaf Clatch – Devil Got My Woman

Cal Williams Jr. – Long Legged Woman

Johnny Sansone – The Lord Is Waiting

Triad – New Home

Mixendorp – 40 Acres & A Mule

Gov’t Mule – Mule>Who Do You love?>Mule

Half Deaf Clatch – Mississippi Heavy Water Blues

Cal Williams Jr. – Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

Midnight Blues Band – Low Down

Laura Cheadle – As Long As You Love Me

Malaya Blue – Bitter Moon

Trampled Underfoot – Bad Bad Feeling

Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – The Poison Sits

Mississippi McDonald & The Cottonmouth Kings – Red Hot Momma


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