Blues Show 243 playlist


Jake Fletcher studio guest Live in Session


Exclusive Worldwide media launch of The Mitch Laddie Band – Live in Concert

Jim Suhler – All God’s Children Get The Blues Sometimes

Steve Groves – Running Through The Bayou

Buick 6 – Hard Times Here

Nathan James & Ben Hernandez – Hard Time Here

King Size Slim – Milk Drunk


Jake Fletcher – Put Me In My Place

Jake Fletcher – Terrace Row Defeat

Jake Fletcher – Start Anew

Stark – Faith

Spencer Bohren – Money Blues


Jake Fletcher – Role Reversal Blues

Jake Fletcher – Away With It All

Jake Fletcher – Down & Out

Jake Fletcher – Local Men’s Club

Jim Suhler – Remember Mama

Matt Andersen – Between The Lines

Mitch Laddie BandInterview in The Studio and:

Mitch Laddie Band – So Excited

Mitch Laddie Band – Linger

Mitch Laddie Band – This Time Around

Mitch Laddie Band – Inner City Blues

Stark – Ball And Chain

Delta Dog – Can’t Get No Sleep

Philip Sayce – Sailin’ Shoes

Anders Osborne – Louisiana Gold

Bob Lanza Blues Band – Outskirts Of Town

No Sinner – Love Is A Madness

Jim Suhler – Leave My Blues Behind

Matt Schofield – Getaway

Aynsley Lister – Sugar

Albany Down – Travellin’ Blues

Robben Ford – Ain’t Drinking Beer No More


  1. aycliffevillage · February 26, 2014

    [audio src="" /]

  2. ian · February 26, 2014

    Thanks top man!

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