Blues Show 211 playlist

Album Of The Week

Martini Garden – The Meaning of Rock n Roll?

Patrick Sweany – Working For You

Albany Down – Not Over Yet

Marcus Bonfanti – Bang Of a Gun from Album Of The Week Shake The Walls

Minnie and Erson Live in Session:

– Water Cooker

– Junk Saviour

– Body Bags

John Lee Hooker Jr – Do Daddy (Requiem For John Lee Hooker)

Dana Dixon Band – As The Years Go Passing By

Tommy Z – Living in A Blues State

Minnie and Erson Live in Session:

– Dirt

– Keep Crawling Back

– Shame

Matt Schofield Trio – See Me Through

Marcus Bonfanti – Alley Cat

Cassie Taylor – No Ring Blues

Marcus Bonfanti – We All Do Bad Sometimes

Marcus Bonfanti Interview Backstage at The Gala

Marcus Bonfanti Live Backstage – Jezebel

Tim Green Band – I Confess

Mr. Black and Blues – Hear My Train A Comin’

Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes – No Matter What You Do

Marcus Bonfanti – Honey

Chantel McGregor – I’m No Good For You

Lucy Zirins – Death Letter

Gary Grainger – Jesus Just Left Chicago

The New Groove – Quit Bitchin’

The Tom Gee Band – Better Things To Do

Creepy Uncle – She’s Into Something

Trevor Sewell – Where The Wild Ones Go

Grand Marquis – Blues and Trouble

Nick Tann – That Woman

Harry Manx – Baby Please Don’t Go

Marcus Bonfanti Live Backstage – The Bittersweet

Rattlesnake Jones – Where The Devil Lives


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