Blues Show 190 playlist & stream

Featured Album – NavaCross – All The Way Home

Tim Renwick – Black Day At Jenkins Creek
Eddie Martin & His Big Blues Band – Wannabe Me
Navacross – Clowns
Lonnie Donegan – Cumberland Gap
Erja Lyytinen – Death Letter
Rhythm Zoo – Wild Wild Woman
Jamie Muehlausen – Coming’ Home
Navacross – Overload
Mojohooker – Good Time For the Blues
Bart Walker – Girl You Bad
The Dan Burnett Band – Come And Get It
Bob Malone – Why Not Me?
Maggie Bell – No Mean City
Laurence Jones – Thunder In the Sky
The Blues Duo – Why Do You Treat Me
Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers – Prairie Dog Town
Dr. Feelgood – She Does It Right
Devon Allman – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
Mojohooker – Change The World
Furry Lewis – Fallin’ Down Blues
Bobby “Blue” Bland – Further On Up The Road
Bart Walker – Hipshakin’ It
Doug Cox w. Long John Baldry – Good Morning Blues
Erja Lyytinen – Things About Comin’ My Way
Navacross – Waiting On A Wire
Tim Renwick – Mr. Big Noise

Blues Show 189 playlist & stream

Blues Show listener transfixed by this week’s show

Blue on Black – King O’ Spades
Blind Dead McJones Band – B3D
Mighty Mojos – Devil in Disguise
David Hidalgo, Mato Nanji, Luther Dickinson – Have My Way With You
Half Deaf Clatch – I’m No Superman
David Migden & The Dirty Words – Rev. Jack Crow
Kelly Joe Phelps – Hard Times They Never Go Away
How Askew – Certain Something
bluesfreak – they’re red hot
Andy Drudy Disorder – Just Gimme A Slow Blues
The Nimmo Brothers – Long Way From Everything
Blues n Trouble – Bye Bye Bird
Julian Sas – Life on the Line
Mighty Mojos – White Lightning
Earl Grey & The Loose Leaves– Needle In the Sand
Band Of Heathens – Shake The Foundations
Back Door Slam – Outside Woman Blues
Regina Bonelli – Mystical Love
Cee Cee James – Blood Red Blues
Mighy Mojos – Cindy Lou
Half Deaf Clatch – Tumbledown Blues
Derek Trucks Band – Leaving Truck
The Allman Brothers Band – One Way Out
Half Deaf Clatch – Hypertension Blues
Anson Funderburgh – Down at J.J.’s

Pacific Street Blues Podcast

Sometime in November last year, I was honoured to be asked by award winning US DJ Rick Galusha, along with 2 other northern DJs Ally Lee & Nick Roberts, to put together an hour of British Blues for his award winning Pacific Blues show.
My plan was to showcase some British Blues that the folks across the water might not have heard..
Once I’d done the show I sent it across to Rick and then more or less forgot about it.
The show was broadcast on Sunday Dec. 30th, with my hour broadcast last, and I managed to listen in to parts of all 3 hours. There was some great music played by all 3 of us.

You can hear my segment here – if the player below isn’t working, go here

Here’s my playlist:

Artist                                         Track                                               Album
24 Pesos                                    Ain’t Gonna Beg No More                When The Ship Goes Down
The Groovamatics                      Love’s A Misdemeanour                    Gotta Use What You Got
Oli Brown                                  More than You’ll Ever Know             Here I Am
Wooden Horse                          Mean Ol Frisco                                  e.p.
Virgil & The Accelerators           88                                                      The Radium
The Motives feat. Matt Taylor    Gone Before                                      Self-Titled
Stevey Hay’s Shades of Blue       Losin’ With the Boozin                       Self Titled
Poplar Jake                                Too Much Alcohol                             Ridin’ the Blinds
BabaJack                                   Gallow’s Pole                                     Rooster
Hokie Joint                                 The Music Starts To Play                   The Music Starts To Play
Jo Harman                                 Sweet Man Moses                              Worthy of Love e.p

One of Rick’s listeners had this to say:

 The last hour was absolutely exceptional! The songs that that Britsh guy played were some of the best blues songs I have EVER HEARD! I was freaking out. What I need to know is if I can get a playlist of those songs or a podcast or something. I didn’t get a chance to write down any of the songs nor do I remember the name of any of them as I had something else going on at the same time. I’d like to track every one of those songs down and buy them or the albums they’re on. Phenomenal guitar solos, vocals, everything. And can you include some of those songs in your normal playlist rotation from now on? I don’t normally do this but like I said, those songs were phenomenal.

Blues Show 188 playlist & stream

R.I.P. Fontella Bass

Fontella Bass – Rescue Me
Matt Taylor – Howlin’ For My Darling
Matt Taylor – Ain’t Gonna Put Me Down
The Motives feat. Matt Taylor – Gone Before
Steve Dupree & The Delta Flyers – St. Paul’s Bottoms
The Geoff Everett Band – If You Can’t Fight Wear A Big Hat
Matt Southon – Winning Team Blues
Richard Townend – Down Down Down
Bonnie Mac Band – Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
The Dan Burnett Band – Come And Get It
Shaun Murphy – Heartless Man Blues
John Primer – Take Care Of Me
Skip James – Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
Anne Weiss – It Hurts Me Too
Junior Wells – HooDoo Man Blues
Ben Smith Band – You Can’t Do That No More
L.R. Phoenix – Hollow Log
Low Society – Black Pelican
Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett – Ain’t Had Enough Fun
Monte Montgomery – River
Albert Castiglia – Drown In My Own Tears
Ron Sayer Jr. – I Ain’t Leavin’
Maggie Ross Band – Happy new Year