Blues Show 182 playlist & stream

The Narrators – The Statement
Jon Amor Blues Band – Wayfarer from Album Of The Week – Villa Del Vibro
Ernest Troost – Resurrection Blues
Laurence Jones – Not  Stickin’
Laurence Jones interview at Sedgefield Rock n Blues Club
Will Johns Band – Kissing You
Jon Amor Blues Band – Good Things Back
Matt Schofield – Sittin’ On Top Of the World
Ndidi Onukwulu – Things About Comin’ My Way
Omar & The Howlers – Take Out Some Insurance
Red Devils – I Wish You Would
Jon Amor Blues Band – Kings And Queens
Ernest Troost – Disturbin’ Blues
Buddy Whittington – Back When the Beano Was Boss
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – All My Love
Buddy Whittington interview Sedgefield Rock n Blues Club
Buddy Whittington – Fender Champ
Wilson T King – Bury Me With The Bible
Jo Harman – Be Happy
Jon Amor Blues Band – 40 Days Of Rain
Mark Harrison – Honeyboy
Baby Isaac – Seven Reasons
Martin Fletcher & Friends – Own House Own Car


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