Blues Show 183 playlist & stream

Album Of The Week

Bonnie Raitt – Ain’t Nothin’ In Ramblin’ – from Album Of The Week
J Shogren & Shanghai’d – Holding Tank
Rory Block – When You Love Me –  from Album Of The Week
Blue Touch – Hangman Jury
Mockingbird Hill – Travelling Man
Bobby Warburton – Live In the Studio:
          Yesterday Belongs To You
          Telephone Line
          Man Of The World
Allman Brothers Band – Southbound
Derek Trucks Band – Get What You Deserve
Gov’t Mule – Worried Down With the Blues
Memphis Minnie – When the Levee Breaks
Pokey LaFarge & South City Three – La La Blues
Maria Muldaur – Me & My Chauffeur Blues –  from Album Of The Week
Jim Kweskin Jug Band – Richland Woman
Bobby Warburton – Live In The Studio:
          Licence to Kill & interview
          Random Romance is Required
          Calm Before The Storm
David Seabrook interview – Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival
includes: The Groovamatics – Love’s A Misdemeanour
Bill Stewart – Sittin’ On Top Of The World
Virgil & The Accelerators – Bad Girl
The Mentulls – The Track With No Name
Chantel McGregor – I’m No Good For You
Marcus Bonfanti – Messin’ Round No More
Ruthie Foster – Keep Your Big Mouth Closed –  from Album Of The Week


Blues Show 182 playlist & stream

The Narrators – The Statement
Jon Amor Blues Band – Wayfarer from Album Of The Week – Villa Del Vibro
Ernest Troost – Resurrection Blues
Laurence Jones – Not  Stickin’
Laurence Jones interview at Sedgefield Rock n Blues Club
Will Johns Band – Kissing You
Jon Amor Blues Band – Good Things Back
Matt Schofield – Sittin’ On Top Of the World
Ndidi Onukwulu – Things About Comin’ My Way
Omar & The Howlers – Take Out Some Insurance
Red Devils – I Wish You Would
Jon Amor Blues Band – Kings And Queens
Ernest Troost – Disturbin’ Blues
Buddy Whittington – Back When the Beano Was Boss
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – All My Love
Buddy Whittington interview Sedgefield Rock n Blues Club
Buddy Whittington – Fender Champ
Wilson T King – Bury Me With The Bible
Jo Harman – Be Happy
Jon Amor Blues Band – 40 Days Of Rain
Mark Harrison – Honeyboy
Baby Isaac – Seven Reasons
Martin Fletcher & Friends – Own House Own Car

Blues Show 181 playlist & stream

Studio Guests: The Trevor Sewell Band

Canned Heat – On the Road Again
Eric Steckel – Sugar Sweet
Ben Robinson – The Easy Part’s Over
Mark Karan – Love In Vain
Studio Guests The Trevor Sewell Band:
                     Take Me Where The Wild Ones Go
                     Talk To The Devil
                     Calling Your Name
Buddy Whittington – Deadwood & Wire
Cassie Taylor – Spoken For
Richard Townend – Down, Down, Down
Sleepy Eyes Nelson – Blonde Snapper
The Billy T Band – You Gotta Do It
Hokie Joint – The Music Starts To Play
Studio Guests The Trevor Sewell Band:
                      The Train
                      Fade To Grey
Duster Bennett – Jumping At Shadows
Gary Moore – Jumping At Shadows
Will Harmonica Wilde – Jumping At Shadows
Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – Jumping At Shadows
Studio Guests The Trevor Sewell Band:
                    No Future Round Here
                    Hate Me For A Reason
                    A Hundred Years
Heritage Blues Orchestra – Clarksdale Moan
Ramblin Jack Elliott – Soul Of A Man

Peter Parcek gear setup

I was introduced to the great playing of Peter Parcek by my friend Gary Chaplin who pointed me to these very videos that I’m going to share with you. Since then, I’ve been in touch with Peter and he has very kindly sent me CDs of his great music, which I play frequently on the Blues Show. Peter and I chat online now and then too, and I thought it might be a good idea to find out what gear he was using to get the great sounds in these 2 videos – so I asked him.

First: “The Mathematics Of Love”

Squier Stratocaster Deluxe (believe it or not a $300 guitar)
the pickups were changed to Dimarzio Hs-2s w/ Dimarzio Chopper in the bridge & bone nut added – otherwise stock.
strings- set starting w/ .009.

Swart Space Tone 5 watts into an 8″ speaker

Way Huge Delay
Drive/Boost pedals include an Xotic EP Boost, Xotic BB Preamp,
MI Audio Blues Pro, Mi Audio Crunch Box
Fulltone OCD & Plimsoul.
I used different drive/boost options for different tracks during this live recording (we did a number of songs that day).
The Ep Boost was a constant, the Crunch Box was used sparingly.
Typically the drive pedals would be employed one at a time although sometimes the EP was added to a milder overdrive for emphasis in certain sections
The EP is a cleanish boost, The Blues Pro is a milder drive, the BB & Plimsoul are bolder, the OCD has a range of drive & i used it w/ a lower drive setting generally……

Then “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean”

Same gear was utilized as “Mathematics” except the guitar is a Fender Custom Shop Tele Jr
w/ pick-ups changed to Dimarzio Virtual P-90s, otherwise stock.
I am riding the guitar volume for dynamics as well as for the amount of gain

Blues Show 180 playlist & stream

R.I.P. Terry Callier

Terry Callier – You’re Gonna Miss Your Candyman
Blues n Trouble – Money’s Tight from Album Of The Week “Try Anything Twice”
Jon Amor Blues Group – Make It Your Trouble
Bob Margolin – Just Before Dawn
Ian Siegal & The Mississippi Mudbloods – Kingfish
Blues n Trouble – Waiting
Simon McBride – Heartbreaker
Larry McCray Blues Band – Get Your Blues On
Blues n Trouble – Bye Bye Bird
The Geoff Everett Band – If You Can’t Fight
The Gerry Jablonski Electric Band – Sherry Dee
Zakk Knight – Mister All Talk
Blues n Trouble – In My World
Cherry Lee Mewis – Keep It Clean
Seth Walker – 2ft Left To The Ceiling
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits – Double Whammy!
Blues n Trouble  Down ‘n’ Dirty
Blues n Trouble – Interview
Blues n Trouble – Rock The Joint
Geoff Achison – Don’t Play Guitar Boy
Amen Corner – Gin House
Blues n Trouble – Psychotic Reaction