British Blues Awards 2012 Results

Male Vocalist

Winner    Ian Siegal
2nd        Marcus Bonfanti
3rd        Alan Nimmo

Female Vocalist

Winner    Chantel McGregor

2nd        Joanne Shaw Taylor
3rd        Connie Lush


Winner    Matt Schofield

2nd        Oli Brown
3rd        Alan Nimmo


Winner    King King

2nd        Ian Siegal Band
3rd        24 Pesos

Acoustic Act

Winner    Ian Siegal

2nd        Marcus Bonfanti
3rd        Babajack

Harmonica Player

Winner    Paul Jones

2nd        Paul Lamb
3rd        Giles King

Keyboard Player

Winner    Paddy Milner

2nd        Jonny Henderson
3rd        Bennett Holland

Bass Player

Winner    Andy Graham

2nd        Lindsay Coulson
3rd        Fergie Fulton


Winner    Steve Cutmore

2nd        Wayne Proctor
3rd        Simon Small


Winner    Becky Tate

2nd        Kyla Brox
3rd        Patsy Gamble

Young Artist

Winner    Oli Brown

=2nd        Lucy Zirin
=2nd        Virgil McMahon

Blues Festival

Winner    Hebden Bridge

2nd        Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival (Colne)
3rd        Newark Blues Festival

Overseas Artist

Winner    Joe Bonamassa

2nd        Walter Trout
3rd        Buddy Whittington


Winner    Take My Hand – King King

2nd        Anything but Time – Matt Schofield
3rd        The Skinny – Ian Siegal and the Youngest Sons

Kevin Thorpe Memorial Award 

Winner    The Bittersweet -Marcus Bonfanti

2nd        Hate me for a reason – Trevor Sewell
3rd        The Wrong Name – Larry Miller

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