Raw Guitars ‘The Prowler" at Tillyfest – Me & Mitch Laddie

I was fortunate enough to be able to sit in with my friends Mojo Hand at Tillyfest last Sunday. I’d already done an extended set on the acoustic stage and arranged to sit in on a couple of tunes to try and show off Raw Guitars The Prowler, sporting a new Bob G. Harrison humbucker in the neck position. I played The Prowler through one of the Wienbrock amplifiers that were provided as backline. I’d have liked more time to get used to the amp but I certainly liked the sounds I was getting from the guitar/amp combination – and Simon of Raw Guitars was very happy too.
Later that night, local blues rock star Mitch Laddie also played The Prowler. i wasn’t able to stay for that set as I had to do my Blues Show a few miles away, but I hear that Mitch was very happy with the way The Prowler sounds – he must be – he played it on 3 songs in his set!
There was video shot of my stint with The Prowler – and more importantly, of Mitch’s – so I’ll bring you those as soon as I can.
Al picture here are copyright Paul Knight – Starshots photography.

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