SlideRig – slide guitar goodness!

I’m a sucker for a well played slide guitar, and have, several times, tried to play it myself. It is, of course, very easy to play bad slide guitar, and very hard to play good slide guitar. I think that slide guitar has 3 parts to it – technique, tone and feel.
By listening to some of the many excellent proponents of the art – Sonny Landreth, Lowell George, Erja Lyytinen, Roy Rogers, Elmore James, Ry Cooder and many more, you can pick up some techniques. And of course there are many online tutorials these days too.
Feel has top come from within – helped with a good dollop of listening to the afore mentioned players, and practising.
But tone is a different issue – especially electric slide playing. Even an experienced guitar player can be put off playing slide if it sounds like  the clikkity clack of knitting needles up and down the guitar neck. Action height and guitar setup in general will all help, of course. Personally, I’ve gone for using a compressor, to help the notes ring out, along with a touch of delay. Different folks have different set ups, but the difference a good tone can make to slide playing is immense – it makes you feel as if you are getting somewhere near the rudiments of the technique if it at least sounds good.

Enter the Slide Rig – a pedal used by another great slide player, Paul Barrere of Little Feat – and many others too. The company obviously have great taste. they say: “Our goal was to reproduce the slide-guitar tones first heard on Little Feat’s classic album “Dixie Chicken”. And there’s no better place to start, in my humble opinion! Check this video. You’ll want one. I do!

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