Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day – my Father’s gone
I wonder what he’d say
About the way things have turned out
On this 
my Father’s Day

I’ve got three kids, a steady job
Married almost 40 years
No longer just a long haired yob
Grown up, with all those cares

I still remember things he said
I thought they sounded trite,
But now I’m older, wiser, maybe,
He was mostly right

He let me see the way things work
He taught me right from wrong
To search for knowledge in a book,
For beauty in a song

He used to spend a lot of time
Showing ways of dealing
With tasks you hate but have to do:
Do them “with good feeling”

A man of rigid principles,
Stood by them to his cost,
I know he used to hide the way
He felt for things he’d lost

I wish he’d had the chance to see
My children as they’ve grown
I’ve done my best, not always right,
But still I hope I’ve shown

That I’ve tried to pass on in my turn
What I’ve learned along the way
To my three sons who make me proud
On this, my Father’s Day

Copyright Gary Grainger 2006 & 2011

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