Grateful Dead Europe ’72 40th Anniversary

On the 7th April 1972, the Grateful Dead began the epic and (now) well-documented tour of Europe. I was fortunate enough to see the guys at Newcastle City Hall on 11th April, and it will remain one of the best nights of my life. Parts of the tour were released on the famous “Ice Cream Cone Kid” Europe ’72 double album, and tapes of the whole tour have been circulating for a long long time. My enjoyment of the show has been made all the better by the recent releases of every date of the tour in an assortment of formats. I replaced my cassette version of the Newcastle show with the new CD version (I’m not rich enough to afford the whole box set that was issued!) and it is simply stunning. There’s an assortment of tracks from the tour for you to stream above.

I remember well that my friends and I had taken the train from our home town of Hartlepool with no real idea of what to expect, or how we were going to get home. We knew that The Dead played long sets. We also knew that the last train to Hartlepool left at around 10pm and was a 10 minute gallop from Newcastle City Hall. But we didn’t care, this was a legendary US band and we were going to have fun.
And fun we did have! I’ve got a whole diary entry somewhere about the gig, but I have misplaced it. Things I remember (in no particular order):

They were playing Garcia’s first solo album and NRPS first album before the band came on. I had just bought both of them and they were fast becoming favourites of our proto-hippy get togethers in Hartlepool.

Donna Jean – was she really that good looking? And was there a “thing” between her and Bobby?
Bobby’s ponytail – we only dreamed of having hair that long!
And of course, Garcia!!!!!

As expected, the long first set left us in no doubt that we were going to miss the train, but that didn’t matter at all. And as we had hoped before we got to the gig, we got totally lost in the second set jam!
After that we spent the first part of the night in the Wimpy bar opposite Newcastle Central Station, then spent the rest of the night trying to avoid the Transport Police on the station itself. We eventually caught a train home at around 6am, and headed off into the sunrise. What a night!!

I’ll be playing the re-released CD of this show on the 40th anniversary of the gig Thursday night and trying to relive some of the memories – but mainly enjoying the superb music. There isn’t a bad gig from this whole tour, and Newcastle is high up there with the best of them.

Before the end of next week I hope to have some exclusive vinyl & CD items to give away – I’ll try and catch you out with some Dead trivia!

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Blues Show 152

Album Of The Week

Muddy Waters – I’m A Man
bluesfreak – Murder The Blues
BabaJack – Gallow’s Pole
Dave Alvin – Harlan County Line
Grateful Dead – Mr. Charlie
Mark Karan – Memphis Radio
Poppa Dawg – Dub Step
Robben Ford – Lateral Climb
bluesfreak – Don’t Worry Baby
Duster Bennett – Jumpin’ At Shadows
Gary Moore – Jumpin’ At Shadows
Oli Brown – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
Poplar Jake w. Gary Grainger – That’s Alright
Sonny Landreth – Blue Tarp Blues
Blues Connection w. Billy Payne – Stormy Monday
The Motives feat. Matt Taylor – Leap Of Faith
King King feat Alan Nimmo – Take My Hand
Dave Jackson Band – Born Again Bluesman
Paint It Blue – Not Gonna Lose My Faith
Janiva Magness – Dirty Water
bluesfreak – Credit Crunch
Kevin MAK Watson – Change in Our Time

Blues Show 151 playlist & stream

Lyndon and Davey from Lyndon Anderson Band
Jon Amor Blues Group – Make It Your Trouble
Ramon Goose Trio – Goin’ Home
Monkeyjunk – Mother’s Crying
Davide Pannozzo – Who Cares?
Samuel James – The Water’s Always Changin’
Studio guests The Lyndon Anderson Band:
                    Bishop’s Boogie
                    Tiger Man
Gregg Allman Band – I Can’t Be Satisfied
G-Love – Satisfied/Kassie Mae
Eric Bibb – Satisfied
Sandy Tweeddale – Satisfaction
Little Feat – Can’t Be Satisfied/Hot Tamales
Poplar Jake w. Gary Grainger – That’s Alright
Lyndon Anderson Band – Ain’t No More
Studio guests The Lyndon Anderson Band:
                    Same Old Thing
                    Goin’ Down Slow
Hokie Joint – Tom Rushen Blues
The Groove-A-Matics feat. Johnny Whitehill – Love’s A Misdemeanor

My nominations for British Blues Awards Kevin Thorpe Memorial Award: (Vote here)
King King feat. Alan Nimmo – Take My Hand
The Motives feat. Matt Taylor – Leap Of Faith
Dave Jackson Band – Born Again Bluesman
Paint It Blue – Not Gonna Lose My Faith

Blue Iyed Soul – There’s No Black And White In The Blues
Tim Crahart Blues Band – Devil’s Fool No More