Grateful Dead Europe ’72 Contest!

I’ve been kindly given 4 prizes to give away by Rhino Records/Dead.Net to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Dead’s epic European trip in 1972.

1) Europe ’72 reissue triple vinyl album – Limited Edition 180gm vinyl
2) Europe ’72 Volume 2 quadruple vinyl album – Limited Edition 180gm vinyl
3) Europe ’72 Expanded 2CD HDCD
4) Europe ’72 Volume 2 2CD HDCD

The CDs are unopened/sealed, but I couldn’t resist opening the vinyl packages simply to remove the polythene sleeve and revel in the feel, smell, weight of the vinyl packages. None of these albums have been played and are brand new.

You can find out all you need to know about these prizes here.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to run this contest. In these days of endless information, there isn’t a single question that I could ask that couldn’t be answered in a nano-second by any half decent web user.

So then I thought I’d just ask people to tell me which prize they’d like, without answering any questions at all – I’d simply put everybody’s name into a bucket and the first name drawn would get the first prize, etc. But that didn’t make sense to me either.

So yes, there are questions, 4 of them, below.
Here’s what you need to do: answer the 4 questions below as precisely as you can.

Put together an email to me: with the subject: Europe ’72 giveaway, including your answers and your contact details.
And IMPORTANT: Please put your choices of prize in order of preference, using the names up above – be precise with this to avoid confusion.

The very first correct answer that I draw will get their first choice of prize. The next answer that I draw will get their first choice of prize unless it has already been given away, in which case they’ll get their second choice. And so on. See?
I won’t enter into any discussions about this either here, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else.
The contest is open from the moment you see this until Midnight on Monday 30th April 2012. The draw will be made on the evening of Tuesday 1st May, winners will be contacted by email, and answers and winners will be posted in another entry on this blog – which I may link to from Facebook etc.

Please share this contest with your Dead loving friends (unless you want to keep the prizes for yourself!)

So: The Questions:

1) How did Jerry Garcia lose his finger?

2) McGanahan Skjellyfetti is credited as the writer of several Dead tracks. Where does the name come from?

3) How did Bob Weir meet his wife?

4) Janis Joplin and Pigpen shared a drink of choice – what was it?

OK folks – off you go!

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