Blues Show 155 Playlist & stream

Album Of The Week

Sonic Blue – Leavin’ Trunk
Jimmie Vaughan & Lou Ann Barton – I’m Leaving It Up To You
The Motives feat.Matt Taylor – Never Tell A Lie
Dani Wilde – Mississippi Kisses
Garbage of Daydreaming – No One Is In The House
Lewis Hamilton – Empty Roads
Norman Beaker Band – Break It Down
Glenn Tilbrook & Nine Below Zero – The Next Thing I Knew
The Motives feat.Matt Taylor – Nature’s Cruel Design
David Jacobs Strain – Big Legged Mamas
Virgil & The Accelerators – Working Man
Dr. Truth – Naughty Night Nurse
The Kleeks – TeaNan
David Jacobs Strain – Hurricane Railroad
The Motives feat.Matt Taylor – Gone Before
Hokie Joint – This Body Of Mine
Ian Siegal – Moonshine Minnie
Tweed Funk – All Over You
Matt Schofield – Shipwrecked
The Motives feat.Matt Taylor – Looking For The Way Home
Indigenous feat Jonny Lang – Free Yourself, Free Your Mind

Grateful Dead Europe ’72 Contest!

I’ve been kindly given 4 prizes to give away by Rhino Records/Dead.Net to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Dead’s epic European trip in 1972.

1) Europe ’72 reissue triple vinyl album – Limited Edition 180gm vinyl
2) Europe ’72 Volume 2 quadruple vinyl album – Limited Edition 180gm vinyl
3) Europe ’72 Expanded 2CD HDCD
4) Europe ’72 Volume 2 2CD HDCD

The CDs are unopened/sealed, but I couldn’t resist opening the vinyl packages simply to remove the polythene sleeve and revel in the feel, smell, weight of the vinyl packages. None of these albums have been played and are brand new.

You can find out all you need to know about these prizes here.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to run this contest. In these days of endless information, there isn’t a single question that I could ask that couldn’t be answered in a nano-second by any half decent web user.

So then I thought I’d just ask people to tell me which prize they’d like, without answering any questions at all – I’d simply put everybody’s name into a bucket and the first name drawn would get the first prize, etc. But that didn’t make sense to me either.

So yes, there are questions, 4 of them, below.
Here’s what you need to do: answer the 4 questions below as precisely as you can.

Put together an email to me: with the subject: Europe ’72 giveaway, including your answers and your contact details.
And IMPORTANT: Please put your choices of prize in order of preference, using the names up above – be precise with this to avoid confusion.

The very first correct answer that I draw will get their first choice of prize. The next answer that I draw will get their first choice of prize unless it has already been given away, in which case they’ll get their second choice. And so on. See?
I won’t enter into any discussions about this either here, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else.
The contest is open from the moment you see this until Midnight on Monday 30th April 2012. The draw will be made on the evening of Tuesday 1st May, winners will be contacted by email, and answers and winners will be posted in another entry on this blog – which I may link to from Facebook etc.

Please share this contest with your Dead loving friends (unless you want to keep the prizes for yourself!)

So: The Questions:

1) How did Jerry Garcia lose his finger?

2) McGanahan Skjellyfetti is credited as the writer of several Dead tracks. Where does the name come from?

3) How did Bob Weir meet his wife?

4) Janis Joplin and Pigpen shared a drink of choice – what was it?

OK folks – off you go!

Blues show 154 Playlist & Stream

RIP Levon Helm  (Photo: PA)

Levon Helm – Wide River To Cross
Maharaja – Maharaja Blues
The Loz Netto Band – Am I Wrong?
Dago Red – Sittin’ In Heaven
Levon Helm & Little Sammy Davis –  Fannie Mae
Live In The Studio:          Trevor Sewell – Condemned
                                                                 – Space In My Heart
                                                                 – No Future Round Here
Danny Bryant Red Eye Band – My Baby’s A Superstar
Chantel McGregor – Help Me
Low Society – Dead Man’s Shoes
Silvertooth Slim & Teressa Brewer – Born With the Blues
Live In The Studio:          Trevor Sewell – Lost Something
                                                                 – Hundred Years
                                                                 – Talk To The Devil
Trevor Sewell – Hate Me For A Reason
Royal Southern Brotherhood – New Horizons
Dago Red – They Took Me
Levon Helm – Feelin’ Good
The Motives feat. Matt Taylor – Leap of Faith
King King – Take My Hand
Dave Jackson Band – Born Again Bluesman
Paint It Blue – Not Gonna Lose My Faith
Dago Red – My Babe

Presence at Red Lion – I Wish/Do It Again – video

Last week I played a support slot for these guys at a local pub. I’ve known Tom for a few years now and we’ve played in an assortment of musical bits n bobs over those years. Here is his current band, Presence, featuring Tom himself on guitar and vocals, and Ani Sandwith on keyboards and vocals. A great rhythm section too – and an unusual but interesting song selection for a local covers band.

There’s more at my YouTube channel.

Blues Show 153

Album Of The Week

Dani Wilde – Don’t Go Makin’ Me Cry
Bonnie Raitt – Million Miles
Royal Southern Brotherhood -Left My Heart In Memphis
Brandon Isaak – Tell Me Why
Anne Weiss – It Hurts Me Too from Album Of The Week “Where Folk Gets The Blues”
John Lee Hooker – Hobo Blues
Virgil & The Accelerators – Backstabber
Dana Fuchs – Love To Beg
Dukesy & The Hazzards – Ain’t Comin’ Back To You
Curtis Salgado – A Woman Or The Blues
Anne Weiss – Come On In My Kitchen
The Bushwackers – Bushwacked
Lubriphonic – Pay The Man
Albert Cummings – Working Man Blues
Bill Johnson – Worked To Death
Anne Weiss – Snowbound
Big Joe Williams – She Left Me A Mule To Ride
Poplar Jake – Say No To The Devil
Charley Patton – A Spoonful Blues
Anne Weiss – Love In Vain
Paulo Nutini – Smokey Joe’s Cafe
Cherry Lee Mewis – Goin’ Down (To Memphis Tennessee)
Jack Teagarden – Basin Street Blues
Anne Weiss – Looks Like Satin
Trevor Sewell – Hate Me For A Reason
Lyndon Anderson & Davey Dormand – Bishop Blues

New album from Joe Walsh – first for 20 years – video

OK – confession time. I bought and really enjoyed Joe Walsh’s 1978 album “But Seriously, Folks” which featured the humorous rock anthem “Life’s Been Good”. In fact, if I remember correctly (and there’s no guarantee of that, of course) it was very popular amongst our crowd at the little soirees we used to have in those days.

Of course, Joe got also got lucky and famous and joined The Eagles!

Now he’s releasing a new solo album, Analog Man, his first solo album in 20 years. I haven’t heard the album, but I certainly look forward to hearing it and hopefully reviewing it here at Thumbrella. 

“It’s been 20 years and I have a lot to say,” said Walsh.  “These songs come from the heart.”  Walsh, best known for his powerful guitar licks, joined the Eagles in 1976 and is credited for bringing a harder rock sound to the band with the acclaimed Hotel California, The Long Run and Eagles Live.  A singer-songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Walsh has entertained for more than four decades, not only as a solo artist, but as part of admired bands like The James Gang and Barnstorm.

As a self-proclaimed Analog Man, also the album name and title track, Walsh refers playfully to the new digital age; one in which he has adapted to, but notes in the song, “I am what I am – I’m an Analog Man.” Walsh developed the album over the last 10 years, drawing on personal experiences to breathe life into each track.  “I just really feel like it’s all come together and finally I feel like a complete person and a complete musician,” said Walsh.  “I think there is some confidence in there that I never had. That’s what I was hiding.”  Walsh credits his wife of four years, Marjorie, for encouraging him to be the man and artist he is today and fondly dedicates this album to her.   

The 10-track album was produced by Jeff Lynne and Joe Walsh with Tommy Lee James co-writing some of the tracks.  “Lucky That Way,” one of Walsh’s favorites off the album, speaks to the extraordinary life he’s lived, even through the hurdles, and features Ringo Starr, his real life brother-in-law, on drums.  The song ironically serves as a mature sequel to Walsh’s famed “Life’s Been Good” and for Walsh, life is just that. 

Stream Analog Man’s title track at and  

Pre-order Analog Man: Amazon:

Joe Walsh on the Web:
Twitter: @JoeWalsh

Grateful Dead Europe ’72 40th Anniversary

On the 7th April 1972, the Grateful Dead began the epic and (now) well-documented tour of Europe. I was fortunate enough to see the guys at Newcastle City Hall on 11th April, and it will remain one of the best nights of my life. Parts of the tour were released on the famous “Ice Cream Cone Kid” Europe ’72 double album, and tapes of the whole tour have been circulating for a long long time. My enjoyment of the show has been made all the better by the recent releases of every date of the tour in an assortment of formats. I replaced my cassette version of the Newcastle show with the new CD version (I’m not rich enough to afford the whole box set that was issued!) and it is simply stunning. There’s an assortment of tracks from the tour for you to stream above.

I remember well that my friends and I had taken the train from our home town of Hartlepool with no real idea of what to expect, or how we were going to get home. We knew that The Dead played long sets. We also knew that the last train to Hartlepool left at around 10pm and was a 10 minute gallop from Newcastle City Hall. But we didn’t care, this was a legendary US band and we were going to have fun.
And fun we did have! I’ve got a whole diary entry somewhere about the gig, but I have misplaced it. Things I remember (in no particular order):

They were playing Garcia’s first solo album and NRPS first album before the band came on. I had just bought both of them and they were fast becoming favourites of our proto-hippy get togethers in Hartlepool.

Donna Jean – was she really that good looking? And was there a “thing” between her and Bobby?
Bobby’s ponytail – we only dreamed of having hair that long!
And of course, Garcia!!!!!

As expected, the long first set left us in no doubt that we were going to miss the train, but that didn’t matter at all. And as we had hoped before we got to the gig, we got totally lost in the second set jam!
After that we spent the first part of the night in the Wimpy bar opposite Newcastle Central Station, then spent the rest of the night trying to avoid the Transport Police on the station itself. We eventually caught a train home at around 6am, and headed off into the sunrise. What a night!!

I’ll be playing the re-released CD of this show on the 40th anniversary of the gig Thursday night and trying to relive some of the memories – but mainly enjoying the superb music. There isn’t a bad gig from this whole tour, and Newcastle is high up there with the best of them.

Before the end of next week I hope to have some exclusive vinyl & CD items to give away – I’ll try and catch you out with some Dead trivia!

You can find out much more about the tour and the products available by clicking the image in the right hand sidebar —> over there!

Blues Show 152

Album Of The Week

Muddy Waters – I’m A Man
bluesfreak – Murder The Blues
BabaJack – Gallow’s Pole
Dave Alvin – Harlan County Line
Grateful Dead – Mr. Charlie
Mark Karan – Memphis Radio
Poppa Dawg – Dub Step
Robben Ford – Lateral Climb
bluesfreak – Don’t Worry Baby
Duster Bennett – Jumpin’ At Shadows
Gary Moore – Jumpin’ At Shadows
Oli Brown – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
Poplar Jake w. Gary Grainger – That’s Alright
Sonny Landreth – Blue Tarp Blues
Blues Connection w. Billy Payne – Stormy Monday
The Motives feat. Matt Taylor – Leap Of Faith
King King feat Alan Nimmo – Take My Hand
Dave Jackson Band – Born Again Bluesman
Paint It Blue – Not Gonna Lose My Faith
Janiva Magness – Dirty Water
bluesfreak – Credit Crunch
Kevin MAK Watson – Change in Our Time