Blues Show 149 playlist & stream

Album Of The Week

Stuart James Band – Jagerblind
Alabama Shakes  – Hold On
Clare Free – Believe In Me
Oli Brown – You Can Only Blame Yourself
Ledfoot – Save My Ass
Hillfolk Noir – Parchman Farm Blues
Levee Town – Song She Sang
Oli Brown – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
Jeremy Spencer – Bitter Lemon
Lightnin’ Hopkins – I’m A Crawling Black Snake
Oli Brown – Like A Feather
Clare Free -Dust And Bones
Billy Walton Band – Deal With The Devil
A Ton Of Blues – I Won’t Be Your Fool
Ian Siegal – Baby Let Me Follow You Down
Ian Siegal – Interview
Giles Robson &The Dirty Aces – Twenty Gallons of Muddy Water
Oli Brown -Remedy
Matt Andersen – Better Man Blues
Ron Sayer Jr. – I Ain’t Leaving Until You Stay
Hillfolk Noir – Goodbye
Kevin MAK Watson – The Stomp


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