I Won A Martin Guitar! (Swag Bag!)

I started following Martin Guitars UK on Twitter ( @MartinGuitarUK ) not too long ago – they’d just added a UK feed. They ran a little competition and I was fortunate enough to be selected as the winner! While a nice Martin Eric Clapton or John Mayer model would have been lovely, I really didn’t know what to expect as a prize, but was impressed when they asked my what string gauges I use for acoustic and electric guitars.

So less than a week after winning, the UPS guy brought a fairly large box to the house – not big enough for a guitar, but bigger than the size of a few packs of strings.
Inside the box was the actual Swag Bag itself 
The Swag Bag
and inside the bag were:
A Martin Lifespan guitar string t-shirt – it actually fits!
6 sets of Martin Acoustic SP acoustic guitar strings – in my specified gauge
4 sets of Martin DARCO electric guitar strings – again in my specified gauge
A Martin lanyard, with a Pik-Card with 4 press-out Martin guitar picks
A copy of their current Martin owner’s magazine
An assortment of brochures and leaflets about their Performing Artist range
A sticker for my guitar case.
I was, and am, highly impressed – thanks guys!


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