Thikwater Cigar Box Guitars – Yolanda

Cigar Box Guitars (CBG) are generally enjoying a rush of popularity around the world, and there are great websites around to tell you all about them, and give you instructions to build your own, as well as lots of CDs of people playing them, and videos on youtube.

Closer to home (for me at least), local builder Thikwater has a range of CBGs available. He first started building CBG’s around 2003 after seeing them on a visit to the US. He currently builds approximately 1 a month which he fits around general guitar repair and setup work.
He doesn’t need to advertise as he already has a healthy waiting list by word of mouth.

For 2012 he plans to start building up to 2 a month to get on top of the waiting list and reduce the guitar repair work.
When he started in 2003 most people wanted 3 stringers, but the current trend is for 4 stringers. he also intends ti setup an internet forum for CBG players in the near future.
He names all of his guitars as they are easier to remember that way – the pics above are of Yolanda, bought by my friend Bad Bob Bates of The Bandits and OCC.

Thikwater also builds number plate guitars – see below for a picture of one made for ZZ Top tribute band The ZZTops – and a video review too.

One comment

  1. Ken McLean · January 26, 2012

    My Yellow one was the 2nd one built by him,the ZZ Top one had tweaks found out by playing mine for a while.
    He,s a good freind of mine and the”Old Yeller”was built,literally,over the phone.It sounds amazing,and people who have heard,but not seen,it(standing in the bar in the Causeway)swear it was a Les Paul….lol Ken(Midlifemisfits and Shuvvitt)

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