Blues Show 131 playlist & stream

Show broadcast Sunday 30th October, 6-8pm 105.9BishopFM and

Album Of The Week – Blues Leaf – Leaflets Vol. 2

Paul Oscher – All Night
Storm Warning – Parallel Lives
Mainsqueeze – Born In Chicago
Skylark Song – Underneath The Roots
Devil’s Creek – Give Me Your Love
Howlin’ Smurf – Eating Peanut Butter From A Playing Card
Jo Harmon & Company – Better Woman
George Friend – A Whole Lot Of Trouble
The Mustangs – Any Road Will Do
Stringbean & The Stalkers – On That Horse
Muddy Waters & Johnny Winter – The Blues Had A baby & They Called It Rock n Roll
Bad Influence – Mailbox Blues
Albert Castiglia – Big Toe
Janiva Magness – Stormy Blues
NavaCross – Don’t Shout
Enter Shikari (Johnny & The Snipers) – Destabilise
The Hoax – 20 Ton Weight
Jon Amor Blues Group – Juggernaut
Sandy Mack – Keep Holdin’ On Baby
Stringbean & The Stalkers  – I Wish You Would
Seth Walker – I Know It’s A Sin
Stevey Hay – Loosin’ With The Boozin’
Trampled Underfoot – Get It Straight
Bad Influence – Rockin My Boogie

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