Vintage Guitars at

Vintage and Rare Guitars – a pretty good description of the kind of guitars that I and most other guitar players would like to own. But also the very apt name of a website showcasing both vintage and rare guitars. The site has details of thousands of guitars available for sale from all around the world – some without prices (the rarest, I guess!)

Here are a few of the gems amongst the many treasures there:
Jeff Buckley’s telecaster – yes, that one:

A 1966 Martin semi-acoustic guitar:

and a 1960 Gibson ES345:

I’ve literally spent hours today drooling over the guitars on this site – and I haven’t seen anywhere near all of them. If you love guitars, you’ve got a few hours to spare (and maybe a lot of money!) take a look – but don’t blame me if your keyboard fills up with drool and your bank balance empties pretty quickly!

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