Jake’s Blues

I get sent quite a few CDs these days, as well as downloads of mp3 tracks.
I listen to everything I’m sent, several times, and will always aim to give airtime on The Blues Show too. I figure, if a band or an artist or a PR company has taken the time and effort (and expense too) to send me some music, I at least need to give the music some of my time in return.

Last week I got an email to BishopFM about an artist called Jake’s Blues. Over the past few days I’ve been sent some tracks, and a CD is on the way too. Jake’s Blues (the band of Jake Banta) from Erie, Pennsylvania has been playing the blues circuit now for over twenty years.

He has opened the stage for some of America’s biggest and hottest stars, and has recorded with Stevie Ray’s rhythm section Double Trouble. 

Jake’s Blues, the band, play a great mix of blues and blues rock, with the odd bit of funk thrown in for good measure.

The CD “Living at the Crossroads” contains, as mentioned earlier, tracks recorded with world famous Double Trouble, the late Stevie Ray’s personal band.

Jake has an easy to listen to voice that can lay back when it needs too – “I Need Your Love So Bad”, – “Pass Me My Pain”; but can also step it up a notch too when required. And Jake is a very tasty guitar player too – he says: “ I like home made beer, farming and choking a guitar neck”.

Jake has been voted North-western PA’s Number 1 blues artist by local audiences, and has won 6 of Erie PA’s prestigious music awards for regional favourite.

You can find out more about Jake on his website at www.jakesblues.net

One comment

  1. Anonymous · November 14, 2011

    It's fun to listen to one of Jake's CD's, but, it's nothing compared to listening to Jake in a small venue with a cold beer in your hand. For my money it doesn't get any better than sitting in a bar with Jake ripping through some classic piece about ten feet from my table.

    If you ever have the opportunity, don't miss Jake live.

    Jim McCall
    Waterford, PA, USA

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