Ikea Gorm pedalboard build

There have been many articles about using Ikea’s Gorm shelf to make a pedalboard. Local musician Kneale (I’ve blogged about his bass project here) had a need for a board for his vocal processors and decided to give it a go.

Kneale says:

Heres what i started with

A few points to start:

1. Specs: It must be light, durable, compact and professional looking.
2. The wood looks deceptively good, its cheap (but light) crap. Hence the need to add additional support here and there.
3. I needed it done in a day at minimum expense (I’m skint)

£6 outlay for the shelf, all other materials i had from earlier DIY music projects.Next step, measure to fit. I decided to replace the nails already in with screws (countersunk for the pro touch)

Added cable entry and exit channels with a file.

Measuring the wings for the 25 degree side elevation and securing them with screws

Trying everything for size

After a quick sanding and 3 coats of black spray paint


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