Fender Musicmaster restoration project

Local musician Steve picked up this 1977 Fender Musicmaster -a little worse for wear – but could see the potential it had.
He said – all original parts except for someone had routed if for a ‘ bucker at the bridge.the guitar had obviously been refinished as the white finish was of poor quality and was very flakey and loose but luckily the neck was in awesome condition including original tuners and the original bridge and the neck pickup are intact.”

His original plan was to take it back to the wood, but “after taking some of the finish off I have discovered somebody has refinished it in a green stain at some point – very Francis Rossi. I then decided to refinish it in sonic blue and convert it to a DuoSonic style guitar with the chrome control plate. I picked up a few parts for the upgrade:

-Fender Custom Shop 69 pickup (abigail ybarra)
-black smooth top covers
-Cts 250k pots
-.47 sprague cap
-phase switches
-switchcraft jack
-mustang knobs
-mij control plate (going to need to ream the holes)

The actual parts used were: 
“- as many period correct parts as i could get.
-70s Fender Mustang Pickguard
-70s Fender hole-less pickup cover
-70s Fender Bronco Knobs
-Fender Custom 69 Abigail Ybarra bridge pickup(new)
-Fender Mustang plate(new)

Everything else on the guitar was original.”

The end result:

Steve’s verdict?
on all pickup positions this thing sounded great. I was surprised by how different it was to my Strat
it was much punchier and warmer and cut through nicely – I’m particularly fond of the both pickups selection as it has a nice balanced sound to it – played mostly clean with it today with a hint of crunch and it sounded perfect throughout.”
Well done Steve and thanks for sharing.

One comment

  1. mike fox · June 26, 2011

    awesome post, love restoration success stories 🙂

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