Huckleberry Milton Live Reading

When I was younger I was heavily into the Beats, Ginsberg, Snyder, Kerouac, Burroughs, Cut Up Prose and all that. I even wrote some stream of consciousness drivel in my many journals – and one day I might inflict some of that on you one day, dear reader! In the meantime, here’s a new book full of the stuff that I like – and it has got Garcia too!

Can a robotic Jerry Garcia revive the Grateful Dead, playing ad-hoc (and continuous) concerts at local shopping malls, schoolyards and Subway restaurants, jump-starting a sinking economy and leading the way to a new, highly profitable American Dream?

This is the question and struggle as businessman and former hippie Huckleberry Milton, his robotic sidekick Jerry Garcia, and a new Jim Morrison look-alike find themselves together on a trip back to the Silicon Valley of the late 1960s in search of a solution to save 21st century America’s failing economy.

Huckleberry Milton, the new psychedelic stream-of-consciousness novel by Bradley J. Milton, is available on Amazon Kindle and all other standard formats.

On the BJM LIVE! Summer Blog Tour, Bradley J. Milton reads excerpts from the book, recorded live and exclusively for this blog.

One comment

  1. jman · June 16, 2011

    somehow its …. strangely captivating

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