Hope for Japan – ambient/electronica benefit album

Contrary to appearances and popular belief, I don’t spend all of my time here at Thumbrella Towers surrounded by the blues. There are, of course, other kinds of music, and I frequently partake and enjoy a wide and diverse variety of new, old and different music.
I’m very partial to electronica, ambient and looped music, such as is delivered very finely by Matt Stevens. He’s joined on this compilation by his collaborator, producer and bandmate Kevin Feazy, alongside many others, in an effort that was pulled together using the power of social networking by Noor Kadiwala.

You can preview the tracks and pay for the download here – the minimum recommended donation is $5 US – surely you’ve got more than that kicking around as spare change in your paypal account?

Just because it isn’t headline news anymore doesn’t mean that it has magically gone away!


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