Hands across the water, friends across the Seagate

I put together the Blues Show using an 800Mhz Apple eMac with a small hard drive. It is slow and frustrating. Twice recently I have lost lots of music after I tried to reconfigure some failed PC drives into external Mac drives. The most recent happened last week, so to vent my frustration to the world (or at least to those who follow me on Facebook) I made a post asking for “Blues Show Sponsorsship – External Hard Drive or imac G4/G5 required”.

I posted it to get it off my chest, not with the expectation of any response. Imagine my incredulous surprise, then, when, following a series of messages and questions from a “virtual” friend and Blues Show listener in Rhode Island, I received an email from Amazon telling me that a 1Tb Seagate external hard drive, with 3 year warranty, had been ordered and paid for, for me, by this good friend that I had never met. And it would be dleivered within a week. That is exactly what happened, and yesterday I took delivery of the very article, and started immediately populating it with ripped CDs.
I was actually moved to tears by this act of generosity, and will do what I can to Pay It Forward. Thanks H!

Also, another friend and listener (who I have met – once) asked me what size HD I needed. When I explained that a HD was on the way, he offered to buy me some more memory and an expanded keyboard for the eMac. Again, colour me stunned – they should be with me by the middle of next week. Thanks, M!

And finally (almost) another friend and listener is sending me a surplus 380Gb external HD which I intend to configure as some kind of backup. Thanks, J!

And finally, (really), if anybody would still like to support or sponsor the Blues Show, get in touch – a G4/G5 imac would be lovely!


2 responses to “Hands across the water, friends across the Seagate

  1. Be careful with the seagate. I have one and if it goes to sleep the only way to wake it is to power cycle it. I leave iTunes playing all day just make sure it doesnt. You are supposed to be able to stop it doing it bit it has never worked for me.

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