Blues Show 60 playlist, stream, d’load

Randy Joe Galloway

Download here or stream with the dingus down there.

John Primer – Poor Man’s Blues
Guy Tortora – When Cotton Was King
Harry Manx – Sittin’ On Top Of The World
Damon Fowler – Sugar Lee
Randy Joe Galloway – Gunnin’
Arsen Shomakhov – Sweeter Than Honey
Indigenous – Shame Shame Shame
Mark Hummel – Strange Things Happening
Billy Walton Band – Treat Her Right
Ray Charles with Norah Jones – Here We Go Again
Back Door – 32-20 Blues
Bare Bones Boogie Band – Full Tilt Boogie Man
Fortunate Sons – Slave Train
Mr. H – Joe Meek
Randy Joe Galloway – Are You Still Lovin’ me?
G-Love – Fixin’ To Die
Bill Stewart – Who Do You Think You Are?
Chris Rea – Two Days Missing Down The Viper
Damon Fowler – Devil Got His Way
Retro Deluxe – You’re Lyin’
Fabulous Thunderbirds – Goin Away Baby
Roomful Of Blues – That’s A Pretty Good Love
The Reclamators – Inflation Blues
Arsen Shomakhov – Swingy

New Brunswick Battle of The Blues update

I was fortunate enough to be invited to judge the Glasgow heat of this international competition on Tuesday night of this week, at the packed Scotia Bar.
I had a great time and was very well looked after too – thanks to everybody for that.
There was a robust and comprehensive scoring scheme and judging criteria, which ensured total impartiality and fairness, but the task was still quite difficult.
The eventual winners were Edinburgh based River Devils, who I have previously seen and interviewed at Darlington R&B club.
Here’s a tune from their performance:

Runners up were The Fortunate Sons from Glasgow (Sam West has a wonderful voice) and the North East’s Bushwackers who gave a very good display too.
The runners up from each heat still have the chance to get to the final in London in March, by means of a public vote which will run through February. I’ll bring you details of how to vote in that as soon as I have them.

Other heat winners so far are: Cherry Lee Mewis, Dan Sowerby Band, 24 Pesos and there’s one more heat tomorrow (Saturday) night.

Blues Show 59 playlist, stream, d’load

Download from here or stream in a streaming fashion with the player below

Robert Lockwood Jr. – King Biscuit Time
Roxy Perry – Midnight Train
Freddie Vanderford – She Can Cook Good Sallett
The Texas Blues Runners – Somebody Bring Me Some Water
The Mofo Party Band – What Kind Of Woman is That?
Lucky Peterson  Why Are People Like That?
Coco Robicheaux – Revelator
Little Charlie and The Nightcats– My Next Ex-Wife
Slim Gaillard – Groove Juice Special
Gov’t Mule – Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
Shane Speal – Jesus Is Coming Soon
Inara George – Trouble
Lee Bates and Billy Newton – Lazy Day
Lucy Zirins – Love Lost
River Devils – A Quarter to Three
Virgil and The Accelerators – What Am I To Do?
Mark Lemhouse – Electra 225
Lewis Cohen – Morning Train
Shane Speal – I Don’t Live Today
Vincent Hayes Project –  Double Talk
Todd Sharpeville – A Lousy Husband But A Real Good Dad
Roxy Perry – Crooked Path
Ronnie Earl – Cristo Redentor

Bass/Harp junk project build

Local musician and student kneale (interesting website here) has built this device from junk pieces. The remit, as part of a final year uni project was to build an acoustic instrument that would play a scale and be testable. The result is the bass/harp made from a broken security pole and a tin plant pot (Tuned to a Bb major scale starting at Bb1 – Bb because that was the resonant frequency of the plant pot.)


He also knocked up a piezo pickup and passive Big muff tone control quickly at the last minute to try and gain some extra credit. By his own admission, it sounds “crap”, but you can listen to the acoustic sound samples and electric sound samples and decide for yourself.

Hands across the water, friends across the Seagate

I put together the Blues Show using an 800Mhz Apple eMac with a small hard drive. It is slow and frustrating. Twice recently I have lost lots of music after I tried to reconfigure some failed PC drives into external Mac drives. The most recent happened last week, so to vent my frustration to the world (or at least to those who follow me on Facebook) I made a post asking for “Blues Show Sponsorsship – External Hard Drive or imac G4/G5 required”.

I posted it to get it off my chest, not with the expectation of any response. Imagine my incredulous surprise, then, when, following a series of messages and questions from a “virtual” friend and Blues Show listener in Rhode Island, I received an email from Amazon telling me that a 1Tb Seagate external hard drive, with 3 year warranty, had been ordered and paid for, for me, by this good friend that I had never met. And it would be dleivered within a week. That is exactly what happened, and yesterday I took delivery of the very article, and started immediately populating it with ripped CDs.
I was actually moved to tears by this act of generosity, and will do what I can to Pay It Forward. Thanks H!

Also, another friend and listener (who I have met – once) asked me what size HD I needed. When I explained that a HD was on the way, he offered to buy me some more memory and an expanded keyboard for the eMac. Again, colour me stunned – they should be with me by the middle of next week. Thanks, M!

And finally (almost) another friend and listener is sending me a surplus 380Gb external HD which I intend to configure as some kind of backup. Thanks, J!

And finally, (really), if anybody would still like to support or sponsor the Blues Show, get in touch – a G4/G5 imac would be lovely!