Les Paul Special transformed

Local musician Steve had seen this Les Paul Special at local guitar repairer’s Les Tones when he dropped off another of his guitars for some work. When he returned to pickup his own guitar, he tried the Special again. He says: “I gave it a try and WOW what an amazing guitar, great feeling smooth satin neck and great P90’S. It was love I tells ya!”.
A deal was done and the Special ssoon replaced Steve’s Les Paul Custom as his go-to guitar. Soon it was time for some work:
– Rockmonkey Roadhouse Blue & Gold Handwound P90s
– Rs Guitarworks vintage Les Paul kit (with 500k tone pots replaced for 250k)
– Faber Aluminum tailpiece and Faber locking studs
– Faber abr-1 conversion kit and Nickel Faber bridge with brass saddles
– Gibson Button Tuners
– Fake 58 Truss Rod Cover
– Fake 58 Poker chip and switch tip

I asked Steve some questions:

What drew you to the guitar in the first place?

Well I have always been fond of Les Pauls but never really got on with the sound or feel of them (humbuckers and glossy necks) but always liked the look and the weight of them as well as the necks. Now I used to have a Gibson SG special faded which had a satin brown finish and I changed out the humbuckers and routed it for p90s which was great – wish I’d never got rid but ya knar times get hard. so anyways whilst I was at Les Tones he showed me this beat up lipstick red Faded Les Paul Special and I fell in love instantly that same satin neck and feel from my old SG but the weight and look of a Les Paul.

What is your reasoning behind each of the mods you have made?

I’m always modding stuff  iIm never happy with anything until its spot on. I changed the pickups to the Rockmonkeys because I had used them before and had positive results. What use is good pickups with crappy electronics  – Gibson continue to disappoint with their parts (except for the jack and switch) so I changed out to custom spec CTS pots 500k volume and 250k tone as well as great vintage spec Jensen capacitors  – got them all from an american company called RS Guitarworks who do great wiring kits to your specifications using the best parts.Finally I changed out the hardware purely because I wanted nickel over the stock chrome as nickel ages chrome doesn’t.

On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is chinese crap plank and 10 is custom built to your spec by your choice of guitar builder, where was the LP when you bought it? And where is it now?

Before it was a 6  – felt great and had potential but I’m a very picky guitarist I like things to be perfect with my guitars to my specs.
Now I’d say its a 10  – the potential was there with the wood all that it needed was new parts and a new finish the only thing I would change and this is minor is that it be a 1 piece body rather then a 2 piece.

Who did all of the work?

I stick by Les Tones and always will –  never had any complaints with his work. I’m perfectly capable of doing a lot of this work myself but I would rather Les do it its always better and never expensive.

New Blues Show Forum

I know that there are lots of forums out there about the blues – I visit many of them myself. So I didn’t want to start a general blues forum. What I thought I’d try is a forum just for my Blues Show on BishopFM, a place where listeners, bands, and, er, me, could talk about the show and the music that is played. If it doesn’t work, I’ll take it away – but give it a shot. And I’ve found a way to do it. So if you’re interested, go to the Blues Show on BishopFM page at the top of  this page. Or follow this link directly. (Actually, that link is better as it opens the forum in a totally separate page rather than in Blogger.)
Take a look, try it out, let me know what you think.

Blues Show 56 playlist, stream & d’load

A pre-recorded show broadcast on BishopFm 6-8pm Boxing Day, 2010

Download here or stream with the streaming device below.

Fathead Blues Band – Where’s The Blues Taking Me?
Electrofied – Life Is Like A Boomerang
Les Copeland – What’s Your Name?
Billy Price and Fred Chapellier – When The Lights Came On
Mark Easton – Money Is The Root Of All Evil
Roomful Of Blues – Take It Like A Man
Big Bill Broonzy – Key To The Highway
Hot Fiction – When Nothing Mattered
Dave Arcari – Got Me Electric
Walter Trout – Wrapped Up In The Blues
Michael Louis Band –  Ramblin’ With That Women
Chris James & Patrick Ryan – Black Spider Blues
LR Phoenix & Mr Mo Hell – Going To Memphis
Anders Osborne – On The Road To Charlie Parker
2blu and the lucky stiffs – Goin’ Fishin’
Blind Lemon Pledge – Big Road Blues
Duster Bennett – Jumping At Shadows
Joanne Shaw Taylor – Let It Burn
Charlie Parr – I Dreamed I Saw Jesse James Last Night
Dani Wilde – I Don’t Even Care
Eddie Turner – Ride A Painted Pony
Floyd Lee – Can’t You See
Jeff Healey – Stop Breaking Down
Out Of The Blue – In The Cold Light Of Day
Johnny Copeland – Everybody Wants A Piece of Me 

Blues Show 55 playlist, stream, d’load

Blues Show 55 – I’ve upped the bitrate/quality a little so the filesize is a little larger – stream with the dingus below or download from here

Show broadcast on BishopFM Sunday 19th December 2010 6-8pm

Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band – Yellow Brick Road
Big Mama Thornton – Bumble Bee Blues
Eric Johnson – Texas
24 Pesos – Never Saw The Devil
Little Smokey Smothers and Elvin Bishop – You’re Gonna Miss Me
Simultaneous Groove – Changes
Paul Lamb – Change My Way Of Living
The Neville Brothers – The Ballad of Hollis Brown
John Lee Hooker – Boogie Chillun
Big Bill Morganfield – Hoochie Coochie Girl
Roomful Of Blues – Duke’s Blues
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band – Sure Nuff ‘N Yes I Do
Fleetwood Mac – Black Magic Woman
Robin Rogers – Need Your Love So Bad
Albert Cummings – I’m On My Way
Charlie Parr – Where You Gonna Be When The Good Lord Calls You Home?
2Blu and the Lucky Stiffs – Dead Man’s Blues
Freddie Vanderford – I’m A King Bee
Out Of The Blue – Unfinished Business
Simultaneous Groove – Empty Seat
Richard Kitson – Redundant Blues
Lonnie Donegan – StackerLee
J Edwards – Eating at Lulu’s
Simultaneous Groove – Lord Be With Me
Simultaneous Groove – Captivating Groove

Graham Parker contest winner!

It has taken our adjudication team here at Thumbrella Towers many hours to sort through the oodles of entries for this contest. Eventually the Randomizer was brought into play and the winner is:-


The winning comment?

“Rumour had it that depsite my overt manliness, countless women swooning in my presence, and my love for the music of the likes of Graham Parker, that I was gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.”

So scottx19, reveal yourself to me and I’ll get the DVD off in the post to you. ‘Grats!

Blues Show 54 playlist, stream & d’load

Show broadcast on Sunday 12th December 6-8pm UK time
Stream with the Streaming Thing below or download here

Albert Cummings – Party Right Here
Freddy Vanderford – Trouble Come A Knockin’
Billy Boy Arnold – I Wish You Would
Bluff City Backsliders – Let Me Play With Your Yo-Yo
Rory Block – High Water Everywhere
Geoff Muldaur – Downtown Blues
Freddy Vanderford – Cut You Loose
Albert Castiglia – Till I Fell In Love With You
Albert Cummings– Working Man Blues
W.C. Handy – St. Louis Blues
Charlie Hunter – St., Louis Blues
J Edwards – I Got A Woman
T-Bone Walker – They Call It Stormy Monday
John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom
Freddy Vanderford – Greasy Greens
Russ Tippins Band – Little Josephine
Hollow Body – Lovin In My Baby’s Eyes
Sean Costello – Little Bird
J Edwards -Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog
Shaun Murphy – Mississippi Water
Freddy Vanderford – Stop Breaking Down
Chrissie O’Dell – If I Had A Dime
Freddy Vanderford – She Can Cook Good Sallet
J Edwards – Turn Me Loose, Turn Me Up, Turn Me On
Freddy Vanderford – Stranger In My Home Town
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters – Backstroke