Gary Grainger – I Know You Rider

Yes, this is me, Oct. 2008 at the Rock 4 All gig at Gosforth Civic Hall.
When I offered to do a spot at this charity gig I expected to be playing around lunchtime when hopefully I wouldn’t disturb too many people and get in the way of them enjoying a day of great music. Les, the organiser, had different plans, however, and when the running order for the day came out I looked for my name, starting at the bottom of “the bill”. I kept going up and up and eventually found my name, second top of “the bill”, just before a local heavy rock band Minnikin. Well, I did my bit, and folks seemed to like it!

I first heard this song on Hot Tuna’s first album, and that is the version that I still play today. I often play it at open mics and such, and if there’s a handy blues harp player around, I always grab them to add some quality to this tune. Of course, the tune has been covered by lots of folks over the years, including my 2 favourite bands The Grateful Dead and Little Feat. My band Big G also played it, with a different arrangement, at our debut/farewell gig at Solstock in 2009. I’ll get the video of that online one day soon too.


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