Wilko Johnson Tribute Tele – almost!

 For the second in my random series of guitars made by local musicians, here’s a Telecaster just finished by Bad Bob Bates (of The Bandits and Oil City Connection). Bob, as you can tell from the band name, is a big Wilko Johnson and Dr. Feelgood fan. He also is a big fan of Telecasters and of making his own guitars. (I’ve featured here a black Telecaster he previously built).

BBB said:

I didn’t go the whole hog on a Wilko duplicate, just a nod towards it really.  Call it a tribute in the spirit of! 
Firstly, only about 20 years wear rather than 46 or so!  Also, a black and red ‘guard rather than the full on blood red one!  I need to do some more work on the hardware – mostly just bits I had lying around.
The body is a Fender one – alder.  A sort of silk rather than gloss finish apart from the bit where the forearm would have kept it a bit glossy.  Nitro finish over the top, but pretty thin.  I used jewellery sanding sponges for the arm wear.  The body scuffs and dents were done on rocks sitting in my back garden.  They give a good dirty dent where they break through, but most are just dents like in the real world.  The neck is a WD one I think – bit of nitro on it, wire wool, bit of soil rubbed on the back and little else.  The neck came with tuners already attached and I’ve just left em for now as they’re split post klusons and I like those.  Stuck on a butterfly string tree.
I’ve got a neck pickup from a recent Highway 1 tele on there and a seymour duncan vintage stack on the bridge.  Kept the wiring standard with standard pots and stuff.
It sounds pretty authentic and if it works out it’ll see most of its work in Oil City Connection.  Looks better in real life, as long as you don’t look at the mess made sticking the tuners on!
I hope to see this guitar up close and personal real soon and I’ll let you know if it looks as good as it does in these pictures.

2 responses to “Wilko Johnson Tribute Tele – almost!

  1. I played it through most of last night's Bandits gig and I'm pretty pleased. Felt nice in my hands and I loved the tone, despite the tone pot being stuck and unusable – must be at the nice slightly rolled off stage, ha ha!

    Mostly just bits and pieces lying around from earlier bitsa builds, along with the body, neck and scratchplate bought specifically for this so I'm well pleased. A nice cost effective project. Mind it's made by the Seymour Duncan vintage stack in the bridge I reckon…


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