Tow Law Sky Tele

There are quite a few folks up here in the North East of England that like tinkering with guitars. Some do it as a business but many more do it as a hobby. I’ll be featuring a few of these hobbyist guitars over the next few weeks.
Here’s what the builder of this guitar had to say:

“I made the body from a school laboratory worktop, and the scratchplate is from a rusty sky (Satellite Television) dish. The pickups are Gibson ceramics from my Explorer and the headstock is a striped Mahogany veneer. The body is 1 3/4 inches thick, and it sustains for England. At the moment the electrics are configured just like standard Gibson – 2 vol, 2 tone, 3-way. Left to right they are –
Neck volume
Neck tone
Bridge volume
Bridge tone

And you CAN get SKY Sports on it.
 Oh, and the 2 little metal blisters are Prison Service Principal Officer Epaulette pips. They have no function, but plenty of ???????????? to them

I’m guessing it’ll be quite a heavy beast, but should sound pretty good too because of the combination of the mahogany body and the humbuckers.

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