Spirit Of The Place exhibition

A friend of mine, John Winstanley, is one of artists taking part in this exhibition. We’ve been invited to the preview tomorrow night, which I’m looking forward to. I’ll hopefully be doing some interviews for BishopFM’s Culture Show.

What is it? A landscape Exhibition comprising painting, photography and printmaking – Spirit of the Place, four artists responses to Teesmouth.

Spirit of the Place is a fascinating group exhibition which arises from a collaboration by artists Alastair Lovett, Chrissie Morgan, Chris Webb and John Winstanley. Their shared interest in the changing landscapes of northern England drew the group to Teesmouth. An important centre for heavy industry, Teesmouth is a place of surprises and contrasts: a nuclear power station, oil refineries, steelworks and chemical plants are surrounded by Teesmouth National Nature Reserve; the sights and sounds of cutting edge technology jostle with the wrecks of wooden ships. The group visited the place throughout the summer to observe and record its otherworldly atmosphere in painting and photography, and their collaboration has produced striking images which will communicate to everyone.


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