Blues Show guest next week – Russ Tippins

Although BishopFM’s move to new premises means we can’t have guests playing live in the studio, I will be joined by Russ Tippins next Sunday, on The Blues Show, from 6-8pm. We’ll play some tracks from The Russ Tippins Band’s new CD “Electrickery” and hopefully Russ will give us some insight into his influences, the songwriting process and much more.
The CD is a collection of (mainly) self written songs, most of them with a blues flavour and all of them played really well by the 3 piece band. Not only are the songs great, but the playing is excellent – Russ is a seasoned performer and his guitar playing on this album is very very good.
If you’re interested, you can go to the band’s website and hear some samples from the album. or you can tune in next week and hear lots of tracks in full, with the added bonus of Russ’ comments and stories.


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