ProPik metal/plastic thumbpick

ProPik Metal-Plastic Thumb
I ordered something else from Tone Toys, and, as my order was quite small, I thought I’d add one of these to the shopping basket. I use thumbpicks almost exclusively, though, for some reason, I have quite a large collection of plectrums/picks too. Even though I don’t use them, I like to have them – I still buy new ones just to have some!

I have been using mainly Dunlop large white plastic thumpicks – though I file the point down as it is too long – but I often browse ebay and other places for other thumbpicks. For a while I used Herco thumbpicks, on which the pick part is larger and shaped more like an ordinary pick/plectrum, but the last batch I bought didn’t seem as durable as they should be.

I find that, after thrusting my not insubstantial thumb into the pick for a while, they tend to snap, just about where the curve straightens out to the picking part. I’ve tried some thumbpicks made totally from metal, and they are nice “fetish” objects, but didn’t like the sound of the metal pick on my acoustic guitar (though I was quite fond of using them with electric guitars).

So when I saw this ProPik metal/plastic thumbpick, I knew I had to have one. And guess what – I love it. Ididn’t have to adjust the metal part at all to fit over my thumb (though that is one of the reason that I like metal thumbpicks – they can be adjusted to fit). The plastic pick part gives me the sound that I like, and the point isn’t as long as that on the Dunlop picks that i normally use.

ProPik Metal-Plastic Thumb – Tone-Toys Onlineshop


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