Stambaugh Guitars

In the back of my mind I keep thinking that if was able to buy only one more guitar I’d like it to be pretty versatile. What I’d really like is a new electro-acoustic for live use as well as a good electric too. I can’t afford either, but one option would be to get one guitar to do both jobs. I’ve toyed briefly with a Taylor T5 before the salesman took it off me, toyed longer with Crafter’s “homage” to the same guitar. They both do what I’d like. This guitar would do the same job, too – it has the GHOST piezo system under the bridge, which I’ve heard live in Andy Ditchfield’s (DeeExpus) PRS – a very convincing acoustic sound – and a DiMarzio in the neck position. It has the added attraction of being chambered, which will, as the maker suggests, add “the hollow warmth of a traditional semi-hollow design”.

Very nice indeed – I like!
Chamber Bodied Guitar


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