12 string guitar with tremelo for John Cale

(photo by Michael Spalt) 

I’ve always liked 12 string acoustics and have owned 4 or 5 of them – I’d have one now if I had the spare cash – though I’ve never considered using one on stage due to the possible tuning difficulties. Surely adding a tremelo to an electric 12 string will compound tuning difficulties? Apparently not. I couldn’t see any finished pictures of the front of the guitar.

Michael Spalt has made an electric 12-string guitar with a tremelo for John Cale

“I met JC when I fixed his red Gibson flying V where the headstock had broken off. He had an old LP special which he used as his main guitar and he didn’t want the risk of taking it on the road. So he asked me to build him a guitar. He selected a body and I built the first guitar, “Puzzle”. eventually he wanted something close to the LP and so I made him one, with a Bigsby. Then he saw the linear tremolo at my shop and we made another one with the linear tremolo.”

Read the rest of the piece over at Here Comes The Flood


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