New Guitar

Due to some wheeling and dealing and the exchange of some spare bits and bobs, we are now the owners of this Aria PE Elite.

(I say “We” because my original plan was to give this to my son and I would then have his Vintage brand Les Paul Gold Top copy – a guitar I bought for him in the first place. However, when I saw this guitar in person, as it were, I decided I’d keep it myself. We’ve reached a compromise – it is “ours”!)

I haven’t played it in anger yet – and it may be some time before I do – but it looks and feels very nice – proper wood (mahogany with a maple cap) and a “heelless” neck join. Browsing the web tells me that, for a budget priced guitar, they get good reviews – and might benefit from a pickup upgrade in the future.
The non-flash pictures show the finish in more lifelike tones.


2 responses to “New Guitar

  1. Almost has that Duaney tobacco sunburst thing happening.

    I've owned a few Aria guitars that were well put together machines. Might be real good!

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