Santa Cruz Guitars

When I bought the Marlin acoustic guitar that I still own (about 36 years ago), I got a friend of mine to play it in the guitar shop (Hamilton’s of Middlesbrough) whilst I walked as far across the shop as I could. The owner of the shop asked me what I was doing. I told her that I wanted to know what the guitar sounded like to a listener when it was being played. She said she’d never had anybody do that before, but I said it made perfect sense to me, unless you only ever intended to play for your own amusement.

On the Santa Cruz guitars page for this good looking guitar, it says:
“Be sure to have it played at you for your most accurate evaluation.”
It makes perfect sense to me. 

There are some fine looking guitars here and going only on a combination of looks and description, I’d go for this one designed particularly for finger-picking – but I’d want to have it played at me of course.


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