Legendary Shack Shakers track for download

I love the raw driving sound of this song ‘Sin Eater’ from The Legendary Shack Shakers – and can’t wait to hear some more from their forthcoming album “Agridustrial”.

From the press release:

The band went to a blacksmith forge and recorded the sounds of hammers, anvils, tongs, cranks and chains for much of the percussion on the album.  Bassist mark Robertson produced the album, doing a tasteful job of marrying the band’s hard driving rock sound with these organic flourishes.  Also key to the band’s sound is the ferocious guitar work of new member Duane Denison, who is fresh off the triumphant Jesus Lizard 2009 world tour.  The Legendary Shack Shakers had already earned high praise as one of the best live acts around, with both Jello Biafra and Hank Williams III calling, J.D. Wilkes “the best front man in the word.”  Roberson combines with drummer Brett Whitacre to form the Shack Shakers thundering rhythm section.

Ferocious guitar and thundering rhythm section indeed!
I love it!


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