Guitar – buy it – smash it – recycle it

Although there have been many times in the past when I’ve felt like smashing my guitar, I’ve never done it. And my desire to smash my guitar was not for some onstage histrionics – rather in frustration at my lack of ability to play. But if you feel the urge to smash a guitar – here’s one designed specifically for that task. Go ahead, knock yourself out.



Blues Show 17 playlist

Katie Webster – pic from 

Joe Bonamassa – Ballad of John Henry
Ramblin’ Dawgs – Worse Without You
Ben Robinson – The Easy Part’s Over
Jim Boyd – Blues To Bluegrass
Katie Webster – Two Fisted Mama
Billy Walton Band – Spreading The Blues
Anni Piper – Come On In My Kitchen
Coco Montoya – Don’t Go Making Plans
George Thorogood – Baby Please Set A Date
Beer Money Blues Band – The Devil Sent Me
Mississippi John Hurt – Frankie
Todd Wolfe – Who’s Been Talking?
Clarence Gatemouth Brown – Better Off With The Blues
A.C. Reed – These Blues Is Killing Me
Brother Dege – The Battle of New Orleans
Albert Collins – Cash Talkin’ (Workingman’s Blues)
Jason Ricci – Done With The Devil
Pete Anderson – Even Things Up
Mr. “H” – Joe Meek
Magic Slim – How Many More Years
Long John Hunter – Grits Ain’t Groceries
Billy Boy Arnold – Wish You Would
Motor City Women – Can You Feel My Blues?
Electrofied – I’ll Go Insane
Hard Bargain – People Get Ready
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters – Baby Doll Blues

Tsuken’s new custom guitar

Music loving, guitar playing shrink Tsuken has got a new custom guitar. He’s posted a comprehensive piece over at his place, so I won’t go in to too much detail, but I will say that I love the look of the guitar – a nice blue finish that still shows the woodgrain beneath.

The switching at first looks a little complex, but the explanation given makes it all (fairly) clear – and hey, when you get your custom guitar made you can decide how many switches you want too! I’ve always liked the possibility of a piezo bridge pickup in an electric guitar too. The guitar was built by Adrian Hamilton of ash customworks who has a large collection of other guitars on his site.

And can he play it? Of course – check this:

Great interview with guitar expert Richard Johnston

Here’s a very comprehensive, interesting and informative interview with vintage guitar restorer, author, and “Antiques Roadshow” appraiser Richard Johnston. Not only does he talk about the histories of Gibson and Martin, he also comments on the effects that age and different types of wood have on the sound of a guitar. He certainly knows his stuff, he has a fantastic guitar business Gryphon Stringed Instruments here.

Picture of a Martin D-18 from 1953 from the Gryphon website. 


Steve Vai’s guitars

I first heard Steve Vai when he was playing with Frank Zappa. I rushed out and bought a copy of his solo album Flexable and played it to death. I have it now on CD of course, with 2 or 3 other early albums, but I haven’t listened to any of his new stuff for years. But he sure can play – and here are a few of his guitars – some a little more tasteful than others.

Putting Weird Things In Coffee

Now I like coffee more than the next person, but I hardly ever put anything in it – usually I take it black and strong. I do favour a good cappuccino now and again, sometimes with a sprinkling of cinammon; and I have been rarely known to have a shot of vanilla syrup (vanilla is one of my favourite flavours/smells ever – for anything). But this aptly named blog goes beyond the usual additives to coffee – I mean – Eggs? Butter? Curry?
Get a grip folks and have a proper cup of coffee!