Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett at Kendal

Friday night I went to Kendal Brewery Arts Centre to meet up with some friends and see Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett. I had taken my guitar with a kind of half promise that I might get to play at soundceck, but when I got there I didn’t take my guitar in, and soundcheck was nearly over – it doesn’t do to presume. (I wish I had, because Paul asked me at the end of the gig “Where’s your guitar? You should have brought it!” I explained that I didn’t want to be pushy or presume too much. He told me not to be silly, and make sure I bring my guitar next time. I will, I will!)
The pre-gig get together was great as usual, lots of fun and Paul, Fred and Patricia (Fred’s wife) were lovely as usual. The show itself was excellent – I had bagged a front row seat and with friends Shirley & Dave we had a great view. I took some (not very good) photos – must get my camera checked out – and also shot some video too, which turned out OK – I’ll youtube some later.
The night ended much later as we all said farewell in the car park, and I drove home listening to the new “Live In Europe” Paul & Fred CD which was recorded on last year’s euro-duo tour. As I went to bed, Paul’s words were ringing in my ears “Where’s your guitar?” Next time Paul, next time.

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